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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Margy vs Moto

I fell in love with this jacket from Hot Patterns...
I loved the styling, especially the use of zippers: one down the center, two on the sleeves and two closing the welt pockets on the front. I had found THIS zipper

and was dying to to find a project where I could use it. I had the long zipper, from Ghees, and then I found the short zippers, available from Studio Kat. I have never used Hot Patterns before, although I have often been charmed by their illustrations.
So, I ordered the pattern and received it, last week. This goes along with my desire to find some new, more fitted jackets. I read over the instructions, which were complicated, to say the least; they highly recommended making a muslin.
Although I'm not fond of the extra work, the number of pattern pieces and the unusual order of the construction convinced me I should do a trial run. I did, using a "what was I thinking of" cotton fabric
languishing in my stash. I made a bare-bones jacket, no lining,interfacing, pockets, etc. cutting a straight size 12, as I had no idea of the sizing of this line of patterns. 

I would like to think that 60+ years of sewing experience and a more than adequate brain would enable me to take on almost any project, but I'm here to tell you that I SUFFERED with this jacket! There are almost no marks on the pattern pieces, there is no differentiation in the pictures between the lining and the fashion fabric, and I was in DEEP TROUBLE! Suffice it to say I put the sleeves in 3 times, basting, etc. and finally realized I was putting them in BACKWARDS.
This is definitely a project that exhausted the upper case key on my keyboard.
Luckily, my friend Shams was there for me, as I cursed and whined about the obstacles I was encountering.

Today, I finished enough of it to try it on; besides being 3 sizes too big (which could be taken care of easily enough), I found I could not raise my arms more than 6 inches without causing dire consequences ...the armholes were too low. 

I tried on the black and white Kwik Sew 2896 I made two weeks ago...the illustration on the pattern cover was dowdy
but the pattern is beautifully drafted and fits well. I will make MY Moto jacket from this pattern, in a black stretch denim, lined with this
polka dot charmeuse, modifying it to use my black and white zippers!

The moral is, a pretty picture is not as valuable as a TNT pattern!


  1. I've never used Hot Patterns before, so could be speaking through my hat, but have heard very mixed reviews. Love your striped zipper. I think I want one for a zipper jacket that I've got planned. Agree with you about Kwik Sew - you have to look past the essentially frumpy presentation.

  2. Thanks for the zipper info. Great to find out about. I love that black and white zipper!!

  3. What a disappointment! Somehow I always expect independent pattern companies to have a superior product. I guess this is proof that it isn't always the case. Love the zipper and looking forward to seeing the finished Kwik Sew.

  4. I was amused when I learned that we have the same zipper from the same place!

    It really is a shame because I like the styling of the jacket, as shown in the illustration.

    You will triumph and your jacket is going to be drool-worthy, expecially with that killa lining. ;)

  5. What a disappointment. I have a few HP but haven't yet tried to sew one -- there does seem to be a lot of mixed/poor reviews of many of their styles.

  6. You are so funny Margy. I also get seduced by pattern illustrations-that Moto jacket from HP is TDF. I'm looking forward to seeing your jacket-it will be gorgeous.

  7. Love reading your blog. I have about 50 years of sewing experience and have had trouble with the 2 jackets from HP I have tried. I was about ready to quit sewing jackets !!! I do like your closer fitting jacket styles you are showing very flattering on you. Thanks

  8. Yes to TNT patterns. I find I'm using them more often, and changing them by adding design details from other patterns. This way, I know it will fit well - and that's the real challenge for me.
    Can't wait to see your finished jacket. Thanks for the zipper links. I'm in the market for some cool zippers and hadn't thought of these two businesses.

  9. I try so hard not to be seduced by the pattern illustrations. You can make a TNT to look just as cool by adding the zips and making it in a similar colour. Good luck

  10. You are quite right, a TNT pattern is very valuable, and we get carried away by the illustrations of the patterns often, however, let me say that your jacket looks really spectacular.

  11. I was all fired up to buy HotPatterns until I watched the owner fit her own patterns to her own body. She made massive changes. Frankly, I want a pattern that comes close to fitting out of the envelope and Kwik Sew seems to always do that.

  12. Thanks Margy for your review here! The pattern is now on sale and I've always been "charmed" by the illustration, too. I'm just coming off a disappointing run with the Ziggi jacket that I couldn't stand another wadder! You saved me $15!