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Sunday, January 15, 2017


Happy New Year!

Here we are, 9:00 pm on New Year's Eve, in a motel room in Pella, Iowa,
drinking champagne out of plastic glasses to toast the coming year. We were probably asleep by 10...such an exciting life!

We were in Pella for our eldest grandson's wedding, held in the afternoon of NYE. Here's the bride and groom with Dave and me

the groom with his dad, our son

and with his 3 brothers and 1 sister.

And our beautiful granddaughter

She's one strong young woman, growing up with 4 brothers! I wore a vintage
Marimekko velvet jacket in black and silver.
We fortified ourselves with Bloody Marys before the celebration...

The day after we returned from Iowa, our daughter and granddaughter from Salt Lake City arrived for a short visit. As we usually do for our California-born, but now land-locked family, we stopped at the beach in Santa Barbara for a few pictures.

Look at these 3 cuties!

While they were with us, Dave made a yummy Key Lime Pie...I LOVE having a
husband who bakes!

AND...here's that same guy making fresh pasta with the machine he gave me
for Christmas (I should add here that I had had a pasta machine since the '60s, but Dave gave it away at a garage sale. Anyone relate?)

After the visit, I was eager to get back to sewing, but first I had to give in to the
annual post-holiday urge to purge. Micmac availed himself of a growing pile of
soft clothes to sleep on.

Finally, after filling 6 plastic bags, I was ready to head to my studio.

I finished a robe, V9232, that I had cut out before Christmas, but wasn't able to finish.

The fabric was a garnet Minky from Fabric.com

READERS: You are my witnesses...if I EVER think about sewing an article of
clothing out of Minky, faux fur or any other plushy fabric, I've given my friend
Shams the order to come and shoot me. AARRGGHH. My studio is COVERED in
long red fluff as are my nasal passages. 

The robe, though, is very pretty and super soft and comfy. I extended the front zipper and changed it to a 2-way so I can open it to get it on. I changed the pockets to plain patch pockets. It's a little big (I think I made a S), but that's ok with me...it's just more comfy.

A little RTW update...while looking for a coat that would stand up to an Iowa winter (it was actually unseasonably warm while we were there), I found a very
handsome faux-shearling coat.It's by Ralph Lauren, and is not so heavy that I won't be able to wear it here at home.

And why am I gazing lovingly at my shoes? Because they're uber-cool Stuart
Weitzman Zealous Black Platform Studded Oxfords, that's why...

AND I got them for $80 on eBay (orig.$425)!

 And who is this, in his trendy ZenCone? Why it's Teddy, recuperating from a little surgery (neutering, hernia repair). He hates the cone, of course, but it's better than the stiff white one he came home with. 

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Sunday, December 11, 2016


More time has passed that I had anticipated...but the memories of the Paris
trip are still warming my heart!

photo by Shams

 This was at the large flea market at Clignancourt, which Shams and I visited to test our Metro skills before the Tilton Tour began. A lotta red!

One of the thrills for me was the evening boat trip on the Seine, in the rain. In all my trips to Paris, I had never done this, and it was magical!

We had a few days of rain on the trip, but not pouring, and for this California
girl, the rain was welcome! Here are the beautiful clouds after a storm.

 The cool weather made dishes like this bouillabaisse all the more welcome...

 Here I am at Cafe Strada for a quick lunch with Shams...

 photo by Shams

I amused myself by taking a "Shamsian" shadow portrait...

and this is a photo of me at the Musée Galliera...

There's that sillhouette again!


I was pretty happy with my choices for the travel wardrobe; I took more clothes than usual, mainly because we were staying in the same room in the same hotel for a little over two weeks. Not having to continually re-pack and schlep a suitcase from place to place was a 
true luxury.

I wore everything I took except for the last-minute red pants. I preferred wearing jeans and I had red jeans in the suitcase, added after this storyboard was made, which were better suited for the weather. 

I also wore the Minoru Coat, the inspiration for the wardrobe, only once. Again, the other jackets and raincoat were better suited to the weather.

I LOVED my raincoat and wore it often.

I wore all the tops a lot; the silver shirt jacket not so much. Again, turtlenecks plus vest plus jacket or coat was more suited to the weather.

I wore all the vests (except for the "Keith Haring" one, which I pulled out at the last moment), and didn't wear the poncho. I find ponchos a little fussy at the best of times, and it just didn't suit the occasion and the weather.

I wore all my boots/shoes (bought 4 more in Paris, of course!), both hats (bought some hats,

too!)and both bags. I carried the Professional Tote as my plane carry-on, coming and returning, and used it several times in Paris. I need to add a strap to it so that I can wear it

So, I'm pleased with the wardrobe; again, I wouldn't take quite as much if I was traveling from place-to-place.I took just the right amount of jewelry and scarves, and the only reason I had
to buy a new suitcase was because of the shopping I did!

I cannot emphasize strongly enough the joy that I experienced on this trip...Marcy and Katherine are the perfect leaders, sensitive to the needs and desires of the group, extremely knowledgeable about where to go in Paris, and a heck of a lot of fun to be with! DO IT!

I made a very good potato recipe last night...Crispy Parmesan Potato Stacks... I halved the

recipe and we're having the other half tonight! Highly recommended!

Books? I just finished reading My Name is Lucy Barton, by Elizabeth Strout, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I haven't been spending much time in the studio, so the Audible book I'm listening to, Moonglow, by Michael Chabon, is still being listened to. It's good, so far!

Teddy is growing and thriving...he turns 7 months on the 20th. Here he is in my office...

and this is our usual view of him in the kitchen while we are cooking dinner...

I probably won't post again till after the holidays...we are having a quiet Christmas, and leave for Iowa on the 29th to attend our oldest grandson's wedding on New Year's Eve. I am watching the weather reports to make sure I take enough warm clothing.

A very happy holiday to those of you who celebrate, and to those who don't...

from Margy, Dave, Teddy and Micmac

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Sunday, November 27, 2016


It's taken me more than a month to get back to blogging...I posted some pictures as I went along on Facebook and Instagram, but I needed some downtime after I returned on the 14th.

photo by Shams

Here I am, in front of my favorite Paris sculpture, by Pol Bury, in the Palais
Royal. Shams and I arrived in Paris four days before the Tilton Trip began, and managed to do a little retail therapy and learn the Metro system on our own.

In our hotel lobby, raring to go!

But first, a little fuel in the form of escargots, good bread and a glass of wine...

Then, off to the Trippen Store (of course)

photo by Shams

LOVE my new Trippens! 

Shams and I had a fun meet-up with Jeanne of 365 dresses, who spends
several months in Paris every year. We had wine and hors d'oeuvres with
her and her husband in their apartment; then Jeanne joined us the next day, took
us to the Bon Marche department store, and did a little shopping.

Bon Marche
photo by Shams

Meet ups are so much fun, especially thousands of miles away!

Here we are, learning our way around Paris on the Metro...
photo by Shams

and waiting for the next train...

photo by Shams

Then, the Paris Tilton Tour began!

Thirteen fabulous women and Katherine and Marcy Tilton...what a recipe for fun!

After meeting each other and orienting ourselves, we set off for the
wonderful D'Orsay Museum.

Original Station Window

Familiar Degas ballerina

weird lounge in the museum

Lots of shopping took place (of course)...


photo by Shams

Ruth and Shams shopping

photo by Shams

Ruth's Hat

One of the most fun things was meeting Ruth H., who lives in Santa Fe
and Indiana (and soon to be Minnesota). Ruth was on the Tilton trip last fall
and returned for a second trip. She is tall, beautiful,wears gorgeous self-sewn clothes, usually in black, red and white, is great fun, and loves her glass of 
wine, just like me!

in her gorgeous Koos coat

photo by Shams

We also like distinctive glasses (both wine- and eye-)
photo by Shams

The Paris Tilton trip involves LOTS of walking, which is perfect, as Paris
is a fantastic walking city. Luckily, my foot injury was beaten into submission
and I was able to walk 5 or 6 miles a day.

"Les Copains" photo by Marcy Tilton

photo by Shams

photo by Shams

I foolishly thought I could cover the whole trip in one post...it's not gonna happen! Too much fun stuff left to share. For anyone wanting instant gratification, go to Shams' blog; she is much more prolific than I am, both in 
photos and blog posts. I'll be back soon to finish my tale!

Meanwhile...Thanksgiving happened, and we had a small gathering. Maggie, David and my nephew Dan, the glass artist

Here we are, this morning, having a good time at breakfast...

David and Dan 


and moi, laughing!

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