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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


That's Wonderful, Wacky, (pre)Wedding Work Weekend...Bride2B, fiancé, and four of their dear friends came up from Los Angeles for the weekend to help us get our place ready for the wedding in October.

There was LOTS of landscaping happening...

occasional dips in the pool to deal with the heat and humidity...

planning for magical spaces...

food prepared and eaten...

many tools used....

and margaritas mixed to celebrate awesome results!

Talk about GRATITUDE! What wonderful friends!

Meanwhile, when I wasn't cooking, I was off in
my studio, making a shirt...

That's M6124, View D (and that's Paddywack to my right). Sorry about the fuzziness, I'm having camera problems...

The fabric is a light-weight cotton ikat from Gorgeous Fabrics

The shoes are new Trippens, found on eBay

A girl can't have too many red shoes...

Talk to you later...


  1. How exciting!!! All of it - new landscaping, the bestest excuse for a party, a new SIL, new shirt.....and new red Trippens!!!!

  2. Oooh, nice shirt! And, of course, we love the Trippens! :) What a great group of friends your daughter has! It looks like a really productive weekend! I can't wait to hear more about the "magical spaces"!!

  3. Those SHOES!!!! They are fabulous! So is the shirt. And so is that work crew! But those shoes. . . I am breathless with envy.

  4. Love red! Nice shirt, too ;-)

  5. Looks like everyone's having a ball. Love your shirt.

  6. Love it all.....How great to have friends to pitch in and help when help is needed and how great that family is there to support...nice shirt and shoes too!

  7. Wow... a lap pool and red shoes!!! I think I need to move in! I want a lap pool and friends to come and do my landscaping and many more red shoes... correct; you can never have too many red shoes. I think I'm dumbstruck!

  8. You look fabulous as always and of course I LOVE the dog :)

  9. Oh yeah, DD and great friends to landscape, a lap pool, another great shirt, THE RED SHOES, good food......but the dogs name is adorable...Paddywack. I love it all.

  10. Beautiful shirt, and love those shoes!

  11. Friends are worth their weight in gold, that's for sure. Love that shirt and of course the shoes!

  12. What a wonderful family you have! Looks like a lot of hard work and love and laughter happened that weekend. And it goes without saying that OMG the shoes, I covet... LOL.

  13. what a wonderful time, love that shirt you made

  14. Those are wonderful pictures, sure to shared over and over in the years to come. And, don't you look chic!

  15. I am now truly in awe of both you... and your lifestyle! Thank you so for sharing!