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Sunday, October 12, 2014


I didn't know till now what a pop-up trailer was...DD and DSIL were gifted one
for their wedding a year ago. They just took a two week road trip and traveled up and down the California coast pulling the trailer. They arrived at our house on Friday and left today.

This is the trailer un-popped... and here are some pictures of them setting it up yesterday so we could see what it becomes..

It's a two-person job, and Maggie and David have it down to a science...

Here it is half-way up....

And here it is being inspected by DH...

It was fun to see them and hear about their adventures.

Earlier this year, I bought a RTW vest with very interesting pleating...

except I bought mine in a pretty cool-toned taupe...and of course, I had nothing to wear it with...

So....I had recently bought this wonderful hand-dyed shibori dotted black cotton
from Marcy Tilton and decided to use my TNT shirt pattern B5526 to make a long shirt

I added a stand-up ruffled collar, as I have done before, and top-stitched the shirt in a contrast thread for a change...

and, what do you know, I found another taupe and black fabric in my stash, also
from Marcy, many years ago, and made another B5954 to go with the vest.

Well, I have NOT covered the last of our trip in Bergen, nor have I mentioned the very fun time I had at Artistry in Fashion several weeks ago... so more to



  1. All of the pieces are just great. I really like the striped tunic. Nice work.

  2. Thanks to you, Butterick 5954 has become my TNT pattern. I love your style and how you create such interesting garments. I really like everything you have made and put together in this post. Thank-you for the inspiration.

  3. Beautiful garments. Very stylish and flattering!

  4. That vest is a winner. So, too, are the shirt and tunic you made to wear with it. They all work together so nicely!
    Looking forward to reading more about your trip, and about Artistry in Fashion.

  5. Although I like the RTW, your made pieces are beautiful!

  6. Wow, it's so weird to see you in taupe, but it looks fabulous! And that new vest is another great piece!

  7. You look so cute in that ruffled stand-up collar!

  8. Love that shirt with ruffled collar!

  9. I have B5954 sitting on my desk right now while I try to decide what fabric to pull out of the stash to complete it. Figuring it will become my TNT pattern for tunics as it looks so comfortable. Your long dotted shirt is wonderful, especially with the ruffled collar. As for the vest, it reminds me a little of K. Tilton's pattern B6064...which is also sitting on my desk.

  10. Very stylish, love the long dotty shirt ;)

  11. Beautiful top and long shirt. I always love your color choices The taupe is a nice contrast to the black and white.

  12. Fabulous pieces as always. Look forward to hearing more!

  13. I always love what you make - great inspiration.

  14. Besides admiring all of your clothing, I learn so much about styling, comfort, and sewing. Thanks so much!

  15. So jealous of your pop-up!! My husband had one as a kid and we want one sooooo bad! Lucky u! Enjoy it :)