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Monday, November 23, 2015


We're baaaack! And we had a wonderful time! It's going to take me a couple of posts to cover our trip,and what's been going on since we returned...so here's #1.

The trip was a total delight, EXCEPT for the return...we had tickets to come home on Lufthansa, they were holding a strike, and many hours and $$$ later, we came home on United. Bah!

Portugal is SO beautiful; I hadn't been there since 1964 and I saw a lot of changes.

The first five days of the trip were a walk down memory lane; we stayed with an old friend of mine, who has a gorgeous place in Lisbon, overlooking the river.

View from Jerry's patio...

 The patio itself...

And Jerry himself, avec moi...you like my new sunglasses?

Jerry and his friend Neil led us up and down the hills of Lisbon

and allowed me a little free time to do a bit of shopping...

(new top and necklace)

We ate and drank well...here's J with his beautiful friend Margarida;

 after this dinner, we
went to a local bar to hear Fado. Next morning, we went to the local very large covered market

and managed to have a GREAT time!  I will continue our trip report in my next post, including pictures from the cruise on the Douro River.

Meanwhile, back at home, DD and DSIL came up for the weekend and I managed to clean out at least ⅓ of my closet...necessary if I'm to have room to sew anything new! Maggie went home with bags of clothes and shoes...we wear the same size shoes.

I've sewed a couple of flannel pajama pants...we have had a little cold weather, and flannel feels so good. I bought a short chenille robe and made these to go with it (tops are 
Uniqlo tees. I used M6474 for the pants and the flannel was from Fabric.com.

Another happening of note, a friend of mine is working on a project and asked to interview me and do a photoshoot last week...here is her website and here is one of the photos she took...

                                                        photo by Robbie Kaye

And I'm off to Patti's site, Not Dead Yet Style,...come on over and see the Visible Monday



  1. Wonderful. Now I feel like I ve seen Lisbon a bit!

  2. What a gorgeous city - so happy to see your trip was a joy (except for that return flight : < ) Love your creations for the trip - flannel is indeed a great fabric. xox


  3. Wow, what a fabulous trip, Margy! You are looking great! Those sunglasses are so much fun!

  4. Awesome. Can't wait to hear and see more!

  5. Loved your photos of Portugal. Have not been there since the late 1960s!
    I have just trawled through your blog list. What an interesting collection. As a lady of a certain age, I am quite inspired by you and them.

  6. Wonderful! Your gentleman friend is quite stylish.

  7. Just popped over from Visible Monday after reading you visited Portugal , I am visiting in May next year. I enjoyed your photos and will visit again for the next post. I also admired your Lisbon purchases, the necklace is stunning.

  8. Lucky daughter! Your photos show happy people having fun together...very uplifting:-)

  9. So glad you had a good trip, sorry about the annoying return.

    You sewed flannel pajamas! And they are nice! I swear I'd buy a week's worth of them, in those kinds of fabrics, if I ever happened upon them.

  10. Your trip sounds fabulous, and I can't wait to see more. And then flannel pjs. Bliss!!

  11. What a magnificent city!! Of course I love your new sunglasses and your new top and necklace from there. Jerry and Neil looks like fun-loving men with a whole lot of warmth. And flannel pyjamas are perfect for staying cozy.
    Robbie's projects look so interesting. I'm glad you are a part of it!

  12. Welcome back! It looks like you had a wonderful trip. I'm so happy I made your acquaintance at Artistry in Fashion. I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Rose in SV