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Sunday, June 12, 2016


Lots of time in my studio, working on my raincoat for Paris. I used that gorgeous red/black cross woven taffeta I wrote about last time...

gorgeous to look at, a bear to sew on. Because it's nylon, it doesn't take a nice press, so crisp edges are not possible. But....I'm very pleased with it!

I used Vogue 8934, Marcy Tilton's shapely "cocoon" coat, but used the collar and detachable hood from Waffle Pattern's Tosti Jacket.


I made it sufficiently roomy, to allow for layering over jackets and vests

I hadn't ever made a detachable hood, so I got to learn a new technique, and also learned how to use my new Goldstar Heavy Snap Press Machine.


I'm wearing my birthday present from Dave, a wonderful necklace from Kathleen Nowak Tucci, made from Harley-Davidson inner tubes and stainless steel brake cables (!)

Cool, isn't it?

While I was working on the raincoat, I listened to The Atomic Weight of Love, by Elizabeth Church, which I loved, and Don Delillo's newest book, Zero K, which was just ok. Both are on Audible.

I'm still getting almost daily pictures from the dog breeder...the puppies are alost 3 weeks old, their eyes are open, and they're SO CUTE.

I will be joining the Visible Women on Patti's website this afternoon...come on over and take a look!



  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I love raincoats and swear that I'll always want a hood of some kind as I don't want to waste a hand carrying an umbrella on a rainy day. What did you use for lining and did you make any pocket modifications or add any pocket on the inside to make this like one of your travel vests?

  2. Lovely raincoat but agree that the nylon content can make it a bit tricky to sew. Agree with Liana that my raincoats must have a hood. Karen

  3. A fabulous raincoat - you wear it well!

  4. That is a gorgeous raincoat - just wow! I love it:)

  5. Wow. You look spectacular.

  6. That raincoat is gorgeous, Margy! SUCH a yummy color and texture!

  7. Beautiful rain coat. Such a gorgeous color. Looks good on you.

  8. You'll be singin' in the rain in such a fab coat! The puppies are so cute. Bet you can't wait until yours is old enough to bring home.

  9. I cannot decide if you or the puppies are cuter! Love that raincoat and I hope it attracts well deserved praise on the Paris trip.

  10. Wow! I love your coat! Did you shorten it? If so, by how much? I've got that pattern and like the length you made yours.
    Thank You!

  11. Beautiful (just followed over to your blog from SG)! Any chance you can share details of the black top you are wearing with the necklace in the photo with wine glasses? It looks like it's a mix of really yummy fabrics.

  12. OHHHMY! Stunning raincoat, love the necklace and can't wait until you get your new furry pup. I've been to Paris once and can see you now 'Singin' In The Rain! Your work is impeccable.

  13. I echo everyone's comments before me ... gorgeous! stunning! beautiful! spectacular!

  14. Oh the puppies - you had me at the puppies! Lovely raincoat and I love how you combine patterns for a custom piece. Thanks for linking! xo


  15. It would appear you have had a few hairs cut!! Looking good.

  16. Stunning raincoat, love the necklace and can't wait until you get your new furry pup.
    African Lace Fabric

  17. Love your coat. I admire your tenacity in tackling new horizons. Gorgeous color. What kind are the puppies? Are you taking multiples? They are so precious.

  18. That coat is fab. I'm venturing into sewing with nylon soon, so I appreciate the tip about not getting crisp edges. Also, puppies!!