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Sunday, August 21, 2016


Here he is, folks...swimming with Maggie!

Maggie came up for the weekend last week and took Teddy for his first swim...

He was eager to get in the pool...she held him the whole time, as he's too little to be able to get out by himself...

And he gave her a kiss for thanks!

The last 3 weeks have been busy with "Baby Teddy"...how reminiscent of the days when
you put the baby down for a nap...

then agonize over whether to take a nap yourself, or go to the studio to recover more outdoor cushions...(I recovered the cushions...)

We temporarily fenced in the patio off our bedroom so we have a place for us to sit, and a big playpen for Teddy! He's learned and loves to retrieve, which is great for exercising the little guy...

(That's a rope thingy that is almost as big as he is!)

Micmac is slowly warming to the dog, occasionally playing chase; meanwhile he is enjoying the almost daily Amazon delivery.

There's been very little dressmaking going on, although I am half way through one item,
waiting on interfacing and interlining. 

I did do a little cooking; this is one of my favorite recipes using fresh figs...Chicken with Roasted Figs

and of course the tomatoes and corn are at their peak, so we've had this a lot
lately...Corn and Tomato Salad.

I have a painful arch from plantar fasciitis, so I'm not walking these days...no boot this time,
thank goodness, but I need to get back to walking before I "grow" out of my Paris wardrobe.

We are way too close to the "Rey" fire, burning in the back country...our skies often have a strange yellow-brown hue, especially in the late afternoon. So scary...

Hopefully, my next post will be a little less Teddy, a little more fun in the studio...



  1. Teddy is such a sweetie! I'm going to try the chicken with roasted figs. Looks yummy! Thanks!

  2. Teddy is adorable and it looks like he is living in a wonderful place with loving people.

    So sorry for the California fires; we've had some in past years in Colorado when I can smell the burning wood; it is a terrible, terrifying odor.

  3. Awwwww, it's so adorable to see Teddy swimming with Maggie and playing fetch with the huge (in comparison) rope thingie!

  4. The video of Teddy made me smile. Glad you're enjoying him - such a cutie! Wish the fires would go away. My DH is in Baton Rouge helping victims as he's a volunteer with the Am. Red Cross.

  5. Can't be helped - Teddy is so adorable! What a lovely video.

    Fires are so scary. Last summer the skies in Vancouver were heavy with smoke for days and days, and an eerie orange colour. I can only hope you get lots of rain soon in your vicinity.

    And sewing projects. Heh. Always something to look forward to here. Sorry to hear about your foot!

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  7. Teddy is adorable :) Praying that the fire doesn't touch your property and gets put out very soon!

  8. Hey, if you cant post about what you are sewing...Teddy will steal the show! So snuggable. Sorry to hear of your foot. Been there and done that twice. Very painful. Thoughts are with you that those fires are out real soon.

  9. Hi Margy! Years ago we had a police dog trainer work on our pool. He told us that if you throw your dog (gently) in the pool and show him where to get out (stairs), he will always remember and be able to save himself. We never had a problem after that. Every once in a while, our lovely groomed bichons would come in looking like a drowned rat! It was usually the big bully one pushing the little one off the wall between the spa and pool that they loved to walk on.

    Hope the wild fires and plantar fasciatis calm down soon!

  10. Love your tops, Margy. You can post as many photos of Teddy all you want--he looks so huggable. Hope things improve soon with the arch and certainly with the fires.

  11. That is a great post Margy I wouldn't mind a 'Teddy' he is beautiful, fun moments ahead, sorry to hear about your foot, a pain in many ways especially if unable to do exercise, those fires you are experiencing are very scary, thanks Lyn Australia

  12. Your Teddy looks like he'll be a lovely and happy companion

  13. Your cat and dog are very cute. I love how cats like to sit in bags and boxes. I also love the fabric you put on the outdoor chairs. It is very pretty. The little red tables are very nice too.

  14. Oh your new pup swimming is so CUTE....my new pup, Gracie also discovered the water at the lake last week....love your new red fabric on your chairs.....love you're blog!

  15. Oh your new pup swimming is so CUTE....my new pup, Gracie also discovered the water at the lake last week....love your new red fabric on your chairs.....love you're blog!