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Sunday, September 18, 2016


I fell in love with this wine/black crinkled brocade from Mood Fabrics

and decided to make a jacket with moto influences. I didn't want to use my TNT Kwik Sew 3764 again, so I went hunting for a suitable pattern. I made a muslin out of the Quart Coat
pattern by Pauline Alice, thinking I could modify it to my liking. I couldn't...

My dress form isn't shaped like that, and neither am I (wide shoulders, nipped
in waist).

I liked aspects of B5822 (OOP) which I used when I was making "manteaux"
for our Iran trip...

so I put on my thinking cap and came up with a frankinpattern using parts of the Butterick pattern and parts of the Kwik Sew. And this is what I made:

I added a separating zipper to the front, shortened the jacket, and added sleeve and pocket zippers...

I used the sleeve from the KS and also the pocket placement, the rest was from
the Butterick pattern.

I lined the jacket with a dark red satin lining, also from Mood Fabrics, and piped 
it in black satin.

I accessorized it with some wonderful Gujarati bracelets I got in India some
25 years ago.

That's kept me pretty busy; I took some time out to have a wonderful lunch with long-time
friend Diane and her SO

The puppy? He had his first grooming appointment, we went to obedience class (THAT was
traumatic for both of us!), he now weighs in at 20 pounds, and every ¼ inch he grows
means another level of mischief he can reach. I took him for a swim again yesterday and he jumped right in. I think he's tall enough now to get out on his own, but for now, we keep a hand on his collar. But he loves to swim!

Like the kitty, he LOVES boxes...

begging to go in the door (damage on door done by his
                  predecessor, Paddywack)

and benches.

My kitchen activities are still centered on somewhat frantic enjoyment of the tomato season...

Caprese salad for lunch today. We're also cleaning out the freezer, eating last year's beans and soups, getting ready for cooler weather (hah! it's currently 95 degrees, but "feels like" 105).

I'm joining BOTH Patti's Visible Women and Judith's Hat Attack this week...come take a look!



  1. Wonderful jacket and the best puppy-face! Thanks for linking, xo


  2. wow I love your frankenpattern jacket-
    And the hat is perfect!

  3. Your jacket is great! I am seeing more and more moto jackets of this style, so I'm sure a pattern will eventually emerge. ;) I am surprised by the shape of the Quart jacket. I bought that pattern over a year ago and I taped it together, but I didn't muslin in. Thanks for sharing! Teddy is adorable as ever!

    1. The Quart shape surprised me, too...the Hot Patterns Bellissima jacket might be worth a try.

  4. I like this motorcycle jacket/coat design.

  5. Fantastic frankening! I'm thinking of a similar moto-type-but-not-exactly jacket for some new fabric, so this is timely - LOVE the collar up!

  6. Very cool fabric and a successful frankenpattern. I'm in love with Teddy too.

  7. Wonderful jacket! I've been cruising similar styles/patterns this week - love what you've done with this.

    Cute pup!

  8. Once our weather cools down I am so ready for a moto jacket. Your version is exquisite and your zips are terrific. Thanks for sharing Teddy's adventures. I love having an older dog so watching puppyhood from afar is about all I can manage.

  9. You made terrific use of that gorgeous fabric and as always, have a piece of wearable art. Your pup is looking healthy and happy!

  10. Love your new jacket and it inspires me to give this style a try probably next year. Love Teddy and his growing activities.

  11. This is an inspiring jacket, Margy! I'm going to remember it. Teddy looks like such a rough and ready kinda guy! What a cutie (and it sounds like a handful).

    1. Thank you, Gayle...Teddy is definitely a handful!

  12. I'm not sure if I like the jacket or Teddy best!

  13. I love how when you get a vision in your head you can just whip it up stitching bits of patterns together. This jacket is fantastic, and I love details like satin piping. We are like-minded indeed in our loves of the reds!

    Food and lovable Teddy. It's a full life over there. Glad to know it.

  14. Wonderful jacket and I love how you "frankened" it. Another great garment, Margy.

  15. Great mashup! And Tedyd is adorable. :)

  16. Beautiful coat/jacket. Don't you feel so smart when a frankened garment is a success? Like Shams remarked I'll bet we'll see a pattern just like your version.

  17. Great coat. I love the moto look and your fabric suits the design perfectly.