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Friday, January 13, 2012


We leave tomorrow morning for Ethiopia; I had hoped to get all my sewn wardrobe photographed, but not only am I running out of time, I changed my mind last night at 9:00PM!   I am simply not comfortable with matchy or "coordinated" clothing, and too much of the wardrobe fell into that category.
So...the tweed ABO jacket that I spent so much time on, is not only staying home, it's going to be given away! It's way too big and boxy on me and I don't really love it.

Last night I dove into my off-season closet and pulled out this 2-piece Giselle
Shepatin outfit:
It's lightweight black cotton with extensive white zig-zagging; the pants are reminiscent in cut of the "clown" pants I made my friend. It's cool, in both senses of the word, so it's going with me, with a white cami underneath.

Also coming along is this crinkled shirt/jacket from Babette SF

this very lightweight  shirt from Itemz

this tie-dyed tee shirt
and this crinkled rayon 3-piece that I made 20 years ago!
Once again, a consistent color scheme over the years has paid off! The fact that they were all right under my nose all along is being ignored right now!

The last thing I'm leaving with all of you is a link to our new travel blog, "Where in the World Are We?"
I'm going to try to post some photos and comments from Ethiopia, dependent totally on internet accessibility...probably ok in and around Addis Ababa, the capitol, but questionable elsewhere...we'll see!


  1. What an exciting adventure. Hoping it is safe, enjoyable and energizing!

  2. I'm all a-tither with excitement for you...and what great additions to your wardrobe - love love LOVE the Giselle Shepatin outfit (a designer I've not heard of, but I'm looking it up now! - for inspiration; I'm still determined not to buy RTW....)

    Have a fantabulous, safe, and inspirational trip - I hope you get to blog about it while you're out & about, because I want to enjoy it vicariously :)

  3. Have fun!!! Hope you can post!!!

  4. Safe travels, my friend! I look forward to reading your travel blog!

  5. Have a wonderful trip!! Looking forward to your travel posts!

  6. I LOVE your style, and wish you nothing but adventure and joy on your trip!

  7. Oh my goodness, how exciting! have a wonderful time.
    I just love the wardrobe you are taking- soooo stylish!!

  8. What a chic wardrobe. You'll be the talk of Ethiopia, for sure!