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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back in the Saddle!

I'm baaaaack! I've been kept from getting back in the studio by a stupid cold; we successfully avoided getting sick in Ethiopia (several of our travel companions did), only to BOTH catch colds on the long plane ride(s) back.

We had a wonderful time; if you want to see some pictures of our trip, check out my travel blog. My travel wardrobe was a success; there were only two items that I didn't wear. Every time I take a trip, I list the clothing I took, what worked, and what didn't, and suggestions for next time. It's something to do on those long bus rides to the end of the earth!

I traveled with only my iPad; it was perfect for blogging, note-taking and picture slide shows, as well as reading and watching the 1st season of Downton Abbey; (I'm hooked!) The only problem was the lack of wi-fi in most of Ethiopia!

I finally got myself in the studio yesterday; I've lost some weight (yay) and I need some pants that fit me. I cut out my TNT  Linda Pant from Style Arc in a light gray brushed stretch denim, doing my first FSA (flat seat adjustment). I'm happy with the fit; I need to hem them and then I'll post pictures.

I also received the eagerly-awaited The Blouse Perfected pattern from Cutting Line Designs
and have cut out View C in a white crinkled poly taffeta. I hope to replace my almost-worn-out Blanque asymmetrical shirt...

I'm going to the Sewing Expo in Puyallup the first weekend in March, and thereafter to Seattle to spend some time with my favorite road-trip friend, so
I'm pushing myself to get a few new clothes made.

I'll be back with pictures soon!


  1. Here's a great BIG welcome home to you Margy! I loved your travel pics, and hope you're both fully recovered by now :)

    BTW, I finally caved in & watched Downton Abbey last Sunday, and am another new addict. Actually, it's a bit embarrassing, but I managed to watch all of Season 1 & I'm all up to date on Season 2....in 3 days.

    The off-center blouse looks really interesting! I look forward to seeing your version. Nice to have you back! :)

  2. Great photos on your blog! I am curious what clothing worked and didn't work.

  3. Good question, Susan...maybe I'll do a blog post on it...

  4. If you do a post, the reason why something didn't work would be great to know too.

  5. I'm so thrilled to have you back on this continent!

    As a very lame travel packer (almost as lame as my gift wrapping), I would LOVE to read a blog post on this.

  6. Glad you're back. You've been missed!

  7. Finally! So glad you're home!!Thank you for posting as you went...I loved seeing places that are "off the beaten path". An amazing trip!

  8. Cannot wait to see your TBP! And I too would love to know what worked and what didn't on your trip. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Welcome back!

  9. Welcome home...and welcome to the Downton Abbey fan club.