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Sunday, February 19, 2012

"The Blouse Perfected"

I just finished sewing Cutting Line Designs "The Blouse Perfected", View C,

in a Nylon Crinkled Taffeta.  The pattern went together easily, with Louise Cutting's usual excellent instructions. (There is an error in pattern numbers in the instructions for View C...be sure to check her website.)
The wind was blowing, so I had to take photos inside...
I'm very happy with the blouse; I cut a Small, and made no changes except to put a larger button on the left front to hold the fold. The smaller button kept falling out of the loop.

I also made another pair of Style Arc Linda pants; I've lost some weight since I first made the pants, so I tried to do a Flat Seat Adjustment, but I'm not happy with the results. The front looks fine, but the back is still full of wrinkles
so I have some more work to do. I used a stretch poly that looks like brushed denim.

I'm finally getting over the cold I've had for TWO weeks...you can tell it in my face, above! It feels so good to be sewing again!


  1. Lovely white shirt-I am entranced by asymmetry in clothing. Your pants look good too and I know your next pair will be a superb fit. I struggle with just those wrinkles also. Are you exhausted after your trip? Rest and catch up...slowly.

  2. Your top looks great!!

    And, yikes, I see what you mean by the wrinkles on the back of the pants. I wish I had suggestions on how to fix it.

  3. What a wonderful, wonderful white shirt!

  4. Your blouse is terrific. A lot of people are jumping on that bandwagon. I like your indoor shot so I can see your studio.

  5. Love that shirt! It looks fabulous on you, of course. The curved placket is way cool. I hope you figure out how to get the pants pattern to fit you better. Pants are so tricky to fit!
    Glad to see you're back into sewing, and hope you get over this cold real soon!

  6. I love your blog and your style. You are inspiring me to get sewing clothing again. I just got back from a trip and I would have liked to look a bit more stylish on the flight. Next time for sure!

  7. Your fanny is sitting on that back seam and pulling the fabric down. If you will cut the back crotch down lower and pull up the center back it should help. Most pants patterns are not cut down low enough. Look at the inside of your pants and if you see strain marks on that bottom part it just means that you are sitting on the seam.

    You will be lowering just the area back of the inside leg seam, not lowering the crotch depth.

    I do this to all of my pants as there needs to be a place for your "okole" to rest.