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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I started V1034, one of Sandra Betzina's jeans patterns, as a wearable muslin for a pair of red jeans I hoped to make for my trip. Unfortunately, I have had trouble finding "my red" in a fabric suitable for jeans...lots of reds, but none just right. I used a lovely stretch cotton ikat denim from Marcy Tilton for my jeans:
They're not too bad for my first pair, but I'm going to try another pattern next time. I had to make
a few too many alterations, and I think Sandra's cut is not for me.
The back is not as nice as my Lynda Maynard pants, but I need to learn to translate that to a 
jeans pattern.
Not going to Sicily, but a good learning experience!


  1. Margy - IF you decide to make that pattern again - I would just take a tuck/dart right under your buns. Pin out what you don't need - starting at the inseam and tapering to nothing at the side seam. This is per Peggy Sagers. You've got a good start on a TNT jean pattern.

  2. To us lesser mortals they really don't look as bad as you think, and as Marcia said good start on your jean pattern (I still have mine on the to-do list)

  3. I agree with Marcia's suggestion for refining the fit. I think they look great from the front, but there is something not quite right about the cut of back. It may be the short yoke. If you can find red stretch denim anywear on the planet do let me know. This fabric is not to be found in Australia.

  4. EmmaOneSock has red stretch denim: http://www.emmaonesock.com/fabrics/recentarrivals.asp?lcd=83148

  5. Hope you find your red fabric. Jalie and Vogue do jeans patterns. the Jalie seems quite popular on Pattern Review.

  6. Suggestion - if you have a pair of jeans or pants that you like the fit of there is a class called Jean-ius on Craftsy.com that walks you through how to make a pattern and copy your favorite jeans or pants.

  7. I am certainly not an expert, but I live in Europe and have noticed the considerably different crotch layout in pants patterns as well as RTW. It minimizes the curve in the front and extends the back curve quite forward to meet it. This allows for more room in the hips without actually creating what I call a "side hip bubble" and a pull right under the bottom. They generally seem to flatter more people and have a line more like your custom pattern. Another thing I have noticed is that the Europeans tend to use pocket stays for the front pockets which always seems to help my profile.

    By the way, I follow both you and Shams (from a distance) and am in awe of the both of you - massive talent , style and flair! Inspires a "gal" who lives in a sewing vacuum. Many thanks.