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Saturday, March 23, 2013

This and That...

Here is Katherine Tilton's new top for Butterick, 5891:

and with the collar closed

I used a batik from B&J Fabrics and a striped quilting fabric for the trim. I had a few problems with this pattern, and I still didn't get the "peplums" to look like they do on the pattern envelope. I added a facing to the collar so I could wear it open. It's got potential, but the jury is still out.

Several people asked some questions about the "scarf lifter" I mentioned in my last post which I made to avoid having "flat scarf head" when wearing my hijab

I took a couple of raglan shoulder pads and covered them with black knit

zig-zagged around the stack o' pads and sewed a strip of Velcro to the top;

added a corresponding strip of Velcro to the appropriate spot on the scarf

and Voila...

I can sew Velcro strips to other scarves, too, so I can have a change of hijab!


I didn't make this, but I think it's a cute look...it's from Banana Republic:

It's a sleeveless peplum, so I'll only wear it under a jacket...


While browsing Lafayette 148 the other night, I was struck by how much difference   
styling makes, whether for merchandising, or when putting together your own outfit.
Look at the difference between the pictures...the lightweight linen top is the same, but oh, the difference the styling makes. It's interesting to me that Lafayette 148 has both pictures on their site, maybe the "styled" outfit is too much for some?

And again:

Look at these two...I never would have looked at the plain one, but immediately was drawn to #2...I find this fascinating!

Till later...


  1. So much eye candy, Margy!! I LOVE your Katherine Tilton top!!! It is wonderful and the fabrics are perfection!!! Sorry to hear you had some problems with it.

    I also love that peplum top from Banana! So cute!

    And you are right, such a difference in the styling of the Lafayette clothing. Maybe both styles attract different customers.

  2. Hey Girlfriend - Well, the top is interesting. Seen on a real body I don't know what I think. I've separated all the pieces and highlighted each section in a different color and have fabric but I'm stalling.

    I love the styling photo. What a difference a red belt and even flipping up your collar can make.

    If I dont' get a chance to say before you leave, have a fabulous trip. Travel safe and we'll all look forward to hearing all about a country the majority of us will never visit.

  3. Those styling photos are very interesting. It sure does make a difference in the look and potential sale of the item. You "head bump" is brilliant.

  4. I really like your new vest. The fabrics are great together, and the style looks good on you. Too bad about the problems with the pattern.
    Thanks for the other eye candy. Interesting to see what styling can do for a garment!

  5. You've been making some fabulous things of late. Love the new vest and I really like the second collared Japanese jacket/top.

  6. I like your new Vest, it looks good with the mixed fabrics.
    Thank you for the 'shoulder pad Tips'
    Have a good time,

  7. I love everything you make (and buy)! Yet they wouldn't suit me - wrong colouring and style. Yet I admire what you do enormously :) And you are right, the styling makes all the difference.

  8. Oh, and i should have said, you always style your looks/photos so well. Stylish!

  9. The vest is wonderful--very you! To look at it, I would think it had gone together effortlessly and as the very embodiment of Katherine Tilton's vision. It's been so interesting to follow your wardrobe planning for your upcoming trip. So many different considerations than those in our own culture.

  10. Love the fabric on that Marcy Tilton top, but it's not my favorite thing you've done ;). You might be able to pull it off, but I think most of us would have a darn hard time with it! It would look extremely awkward on me :)

    Styling is EVERYTHING :) I'm always amazed at catalogs/websites that don't employ this basic marketing tool. Case in point: Talbots. Remember their older catalogs? Rather boring. Now, they seem to be doing a clone of JCrew, and their things look MUCH more interesting :) I'm with you on this one, Margy - I'd have never looked twice at that sad looking linen jacket...but the styled one? Aha! Doesn't even look like the same jacket!

    Thanks for another interesting post :)

  11. I love that batik fabric, it is stunning. Those styling photos are so good will have to check the site out.

    You must be getting so excited now.

  12. I'm veering towards a black and white collection for summer - have you something to do with this? I never wear black, but everything you make looks fab. Your own styling is impeccable BTW.

  13. I love your K.Tilton top. The fabric is super! What a clever lady you are. That contraption to wear with your hijab is inspired!

  14. Hi Margy, I am back in the US and catching up. What a treat to see your version of the new KT top-that pattern was waiting for me in my mail yesterday when I came home. I'll see what I can do with it...your version is so clean looking. Love the prints you used. Enjoy your trip and stay safe.

  15. Somehow......... I've missed your posts........ and you have been doing some great sewing! I save the Lafayette 148 catalogues and just bookmarked the website. Classic with just enough edge to be contemporary. This is a great post!

  16. what a clever solution to "scarf-hair". I may have to experiment with that idea so I can wear more scarves here at home.
    Love all the other eye candy you shared, too!

  17. I adore your striped tee. It is so sharp looking. I was interested in your comments about your K. Tilton jacket. I was sorry it didn't come up to your expectations but glad to know that I am not the only one who has struggled with M&K Tilton jacket patterns.

  18. Your vest is very very cool; love that mix of black and white prints together. And the dragon coat! magnifique! The scarf lifter is pure genius. Such a clever idea! May I ask; whereabouts on your head do the shoulder pads sit?

  19. LOVE your vest! I tried a friend's version on last week and now I must sew it myself - I wasn't particularly drawn to the pattern pictures, but I'm really liking the versions I'm seeing people sew up. Your fabric combos are, as always, perfect :)

  20. The asymmetry of your vest is fantastic. I love everything about it. You're right about the styling. That's were the Attitude comes into play, one of my favourite parts. And you have loads of it - which is why I love your style so much.