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Sunday, March 23, 2014


OUR biggest news in the last few weeks, is that we replaced THIS

with THIS:

Our old Honda ATC, seen in this post, was more than 30 years old, and dangerous to drive. Our cute little John Deere Gator CX will be much safer, not to mention HOW CUTE IT IS!!!!

Here I am in my latest pair of Lynda Maynard pants, in that lovely windowpane check fabric...(which I am aware you can't SEE)...

Also wearing my new United Nude black and white sandals...

 The shoes are darling, but what I REALLY like is the writing on the box:

In my fashion wanderings on the web, I found this picture a few weeks ago:

and thought it was pretty, albeit a little bland (for me, that is). I ordered the lace top from Nordstrom and made pants and a tank top to go with it. The first
tank I made was from the same fabric as the pants (high-tech matte hybrid in
cream) from Emma One Sock, but it needed a little zing, so I made a 
Kwik Sew 3462 in black Parisian Microfiber Knit from Marcy Tilton and liked it
a lot better.

My many wisteria vines are in full, fragrant bloom, and the roses are beginning to pop...

 it's time to welcome spring, although we never really had a winter.

You'll find me (and my Gator) over at Patti's Visible Mondays a little later



  1. So much eye candy, Margy! Those shoes are T.D.F. and your gator is soo cute! I love the outfit and the black tank is the perfect foil for the lace top!

  2. I'm always impressed by what you create! This is beautiful. Everyday I check to see if you have posted, so hurry up and sew more! I think I have a crush.

  3. My friends have one of those Gators, but they got it with the top and doors, a sand rake( they have a big beach front property) and a plow. We do get snow here. It's great for their large garden.
    On the clothing front, I do like the white outfit with the dark tank underneath. It's definitely too bland in the rtw picture. Love your sandals almost as much as the box.

  4. Margy, you do so much with a limited color palette! I adore the sandals (and have already pinned them at Pinterest). The lace top with your black underneath is TDF!

  5. what a grand new toy you have! But I like your sewing better ;)
    That lace top is TDF and so are the shoes.

  6. I love the sandals, have to find them for me! Love the lace top with black tank underneath. You look great!

  7. I love your outfit - very nice. I'd not seen the JD gator. We have a "mule" on the ranch - it has a cab on it - but basically the same thing. Fun, aren't they?

  8. Some lovely garments there! And a bit of retain therapy is always fun too.

  9. Love both black and white outfits! But especially the white lace top with the black tank under it!!!

  10. 'Love the black and white outfits! What great shoes and isn't that box wonderful?! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  11. I really like the white lace blouse (and all the rest too)! Congrats on the new vehicle; we just bought a new car after 10+ years with the Old Faithful - it's fun! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday

  12. Love that first outfit...especially the shoes. I live in Texas and we have John Deere everywhere!!

  13. Such beautiful garments! The black tank is the perfect zing for that lace top.

  14. I so admire your sense of style! Thanks again for the technical assistance.

  15. Cool ride! I love your white and black outfit...

  16. I first saw the Nordstrom ad a few months back, and immediately pinned it to my Pinterest style board! I love the lace top, and the lightweight coat with lace bottom. Your version with a black tank and bangles really do add pizazz! Very You!

    And can I just say...I had no idea I wanted a tractor until Now! :)

  17. Margy - I want to be you when I grow up. Or at least dress like you!

  18. great ensemble and I too love the shoes. We could do with a Gator too.

  19. You on a John Deere in your ever so fabulous clothes....this is the advertising picture I want to see, not men in scraggly beards ;)

  20. What a fun post, Margie. Nothing like new toys, new shoes and new clothes. Makes me happy just thinking about it.
    You look terrific in that top!
    Yes, wisteria time is the best!

  21. Wow. My breath was taken away by your white outfit - fancy sending it to the UK? ;-) Rachel

  22. LOVE that photo with your Deere:).

    And I drove through Los Olivos on Sunday, and seriously wished I could ping you and see if you felt like a little visit....Probably best I didn't. I'm guessing it might have been a bit of a surprise!

  23. Love that photo with the Deere! And the lace really pops with the black, so much for vibrant than the almost too understated white on white. Brava!

  24. You will LOVE your Gator! Best thing EVER! Our kids learned to drive on one of those...lol!

    Really pretty lace top, too. That' a wonderful outfit for spring, summer!