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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Artistry in Fashion 9/11

Wow, what a weekend! Mainly due to Sham's irresistable persuasions, I drove 4 1/2 hours on Saturday morning to make it to AIF in time for the 1st fashion show. Win/Win! S+I had only met by email, but I instantly realized we were identical twins (20 years apart, but that's what mothers are for...); we even bought the same sweaters:
and scarves:
I also met JillyBe, Joan71 from SG, lessalt, also from SG, Dorothy K from PR,
oh, I'm sure I've forgotten someone...it was an incredible experience, I told DH tonight it was like finding myself with my tribe, people who spoke the same language I do...I got my ego magnificently massaged, too! What a wonderful return on a 550 mile roundtrip! Like 
Douglas MacArthur

I shall return! (Some of you are too young to get this...Google it...)
And not to forget the Shoe connection, I bought my 6th pair of Trippens Friday night...they were the "sweet treat" on the Ped website, which means they were 20% off! Every percentage point counts...
Life is truly good....


  1. You crack me up!

    Those shoes are TDF. Wow, love. If I shave my toes a bit, they might fit!

  2. What a fun adventure. Love the shoes. And the jacket.

  3. Great photo of you and shams! I've seen it before but never noticed the matching sweaters as I was so focused on your beaming faces. I love your new shoes, perhaps 'cause they're red. And we used to take that same drive when I was a kid. It took much longer then, perhaps due to the frequently overheating radiator. ;-)