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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Travel Pants

I am "interviewing" various pants patterns for a travel pant to take on my trip to Ethiopia in January. I cut out McCalls 6291 tonight:
I am making the long ones, view C. I am using a lightweight microfiber/nylon from my favorite microfiber source,Sell Fabric. The color is cement, a light greenish-gray. (Unfortunately, all their gray shades have a greenish cast). I have used their fabrics several times and have been very happy with them (and the price!). They appear to be the same fabrics used by middle-end sportswear such as Spirithouse, Blanque, Planet, etc. I am planning to take some stretch cotton pants:

Vogue 8712, black and white polka dot from Marcy Tilton, for one, but I think I'll need some more rugged pants...(and I can't stand the generic khaki zip-offs!).
M 6291 is a cargo pant, so it has lots of pockets. I think I can get this put together tomorrow. 

I finished my 2nd SW Teagarden Tee
today...the jury is still out on this iteration....


  1. OK, you are driving me crazy with wonderfulness. And now there's a new source I must check out. After my nap. :)