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Monday, September 12, 2011


As a teen, I had to wear “orthopedic” shoes due to fitting problems; also my mother (NOT Iris) refused to allow me to wear the loafers and Capezio ballet flats that were 
all the rage with my contemporaries. Oh, the horror and shame! Well, I’m making up
for it now...
Seeing the cool shoes and boots worn by my idol Jean, led me to Trippen shoes, a favorite of hers, and now of mine. Never mind that they are handmade in a little village in Germany, and have the price tag to go along with that...
These were my first
then shortly thereafter, I fell for these 
..what I was really searching for, of course, were the Geisha-style boots,
which came to live with me early last summer.
 I bought these at Maggie’s in Seattle, 
and recently got these
to take with me on my trip to Ethiopia in January.
All this research on the web led to  a fascination with spiked and studded shoes
(Geriatric Goth?) and  I found myself opening my pocketbook for these 

and THESE!
I could do some damage with this shoe.....
So, back to sewing...a Sewing WorkshopTeagarden Tee is in the works...my first. It has been so popular with many of the sewing people I follow...so, it is cut out, and I hope to start putting it together tomorrow...


  1. Oh Margy, I have wanted a pair of Trippens for awhile now. If you have any extra in a size 41, send them my way. :D

    Good luck with the Teagarden!

  2. WOW! Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous!!