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Sunday, March 8, 2015


Although it's only March 8th, we in California are basking in temperatures in the 70's and 80's...(sorry, friends in frigid places...) Although we have been known to have SNOW in March (very unusual), there is no way I can sew winter-weight
fabrics any more. SO...

This is Vogue 8982  by Marcy Tilton, a pattern that's been in my sights for a while. It has some unusual seaming and begged for the right fabric to try it out.

This is a wonderful stretch denim, also from Marcy; it's black with gray dots, reversing to gray with black dots. I used the reverse side subtly, as piping on the back seam lines, at the wrists, and edging the collar and front. 

I'm very pleased with it...it's a perfect weight, goes with many of my pants, and I'll wear it tomorrow to lunch with a friend who is celebrating her birthday.

I'm joining the Visible Women over at the fortnightly party at Not Dead Yet Style; Patti hosts this gathering place for those of us who choose not to be invisible. Come see!



  1. This is a wonderful jacket Margy - the seaming and piping give it personality, yet it retains its classic look. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  2. Another beautiful jacket. I love your inspiration. I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear with this one. Enjoy wearing
    Marciae from SG

  3. VERY cute!!! I also have that pattern in my sights and yours is perfect!

  4. Love the collar, the style lines, and the perfect fabric choices!

  5. Another perfect pairing and fit.

  6. Another great addition to your wardrobe. I too have been enjoying the CA sun for the last few months but go back to Boston in a week :( But that means I can cntinue to sew wools, which I love.
    I have a question for you about the Tilton patterns. Does the lack of a bus dark bother you?? It is one of the primary reasons I avoid their patterns. The other is the extended shoulder line. I would love to know what you think because you make so many of their patterns and they always look really nice!!

    1. Hi, Mary...some of the Tilton patterns do have bust darts...this one has a small one which you can see if you look at the line drawing. Depending on the style, the lack of a dart doesn't bother me. You could always put one in. The shoulders are usually a little big for me, in this case I wanted to wear it as a jacket occasionally, and didn't change the pattern...if I make it again, I may cut a smaller size at the neck and shoulder as the whole pattern runs a little large. I often take an inch or so off the shoulder.

  7. I love that dotted fabric and the lines of the jacket make this visually exciting, especially the backward slope of the hemline.
    Vancouver is getting warmer and, fingers crossed, sunnier by the day. We'll never catch up to you down there but the mood shift is energizing.

  8. So creative! And I loved seeing you in the recent Vogue Patterns.

  9. Such a cute, yet functional jacket for our warm California sunshine. I agree--those diagonal seams make it very unique.

  10. Awesome jacket - love the dots and the diagonal lines. You are inspiring me once again.

  11. Love this latest make. You are always so stylish! Karen

  12. Piping! You have my utmost respect. Lovely jacket. Dots are always nice. Ahhhh...California.

  13. Love the fabric you chose to make this smart looking jacket. The piping really sets off the great lines.
    Sitting here in Massachusetts with huge, high piles of snow everywhere, looking forward to spring!

  14. Beautiful shape and stunning fabric. Welcome to spring!!!