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Sunday, March 29, 2015



That's what happens when I let 3 weeks go by between posts...I have been busy and actually have some clothes to show for it!

But first...a few pictures of our redecorated bedroom wing. We finally got the painting we wanted for over the fireplace

It's called Spiral Dance; the artist is Seyburn Zorthian whose wonderful painting
I bought 25 years ago and is over our living room fireplace.

(Remember when the contents of our closets were in the living room?)

Seyburn is a friend of ours; we love her work and are enjoying waking up in the morning to the sight of her Spiral Dance.

A few more pictures of the bedroom

The antique Katagami stencils above our bed were used to stencil family crests on clothing and goods in 19th century Japan.

These are old purses and bags I've collected on our travels; I hung them in the hall so I can see them every day. The color we used in the bedroom wing is very
difficult to photograph...the pictures of the bedroom show a more realistic color

So...on to sewing! I made another pair of Marcy Tilton's Vogue 8929 pants,
although for my 4th pair I changed them enough that she might not recognize them!

The fabric is an abstract print stretch denim from Emma One Sock.

They're very comfortable and the type of pants  I wear most days.

I made another pair of loose harem-y pants from Sandra Betzina's V1355,
using a dreamy Ella Moss rayon challis from Hart's Fabric. This fabric is so perfect for travel to hot climates (India, I'm talking about you!) that I just ordered some more for another shirt.

I'm wearing a batwing tee with them...!

And for my final submission, I made yet another version of B5526...

in a wonderful French Circles and Squares crinkled jacquard from Emma One Sock. I am wearing it here with Eileen Fisher's Slouchy Ankle Pant in Silk Georgette, another supremely comfortable pant.

Well, if you've stayed with me this long, THANK YOU! I'll try not to stockpile
post material again...



  1. Gorgeous items - as usual. I love your style.
    Marciae from SG

  2. Great garments fitting your chic style. I love the purses you've hung on the wall - can I steal your idea? Karen

  3. Your collection of B5526 pieces are awesome! Congrats on getting your bedroom finished. It looks comfy and homey a great place to spend the morning or afternoon in bed.

  4. Oh how cute you look! Love your style and congrats on getting re-settled into your bedroom.

  5. Your bedroom looks fabulous and what a joy to wake up to a beautiful piece of art! I love how you incorporate mementos from your travels into your surroundings.

    All of your new pieces are great and I especially like how you've used that crinkled jacquard!

  6. I love seeing glimpses of your home...and your new wardrobe pieces are fantabulous.

  7. So good to get a hefty catch-up from you! I feel like we've hade a visit. You're clothes look terrific on you and you look like you are enjoying spring!

  8. I like this long post with wonderful pictures and i love your Style!!

  9. Great garments and your home renovations look fantastic.

  10. What fun to have a new bedroom and some new clothes!! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Wow, cool coincidence. Seyburn Zorthian is my 3rd cousin (through her grandmother Delphine Charles, my grandfather's cousin). I didn't know she was such a talented painter. Small world, hope I can meet her someday and see more of her work in person. TMI probably. Anyway, great painting and clothes, as always!

    1. Kate...if you see this, email me with your name and email address...Seyburn would like to get in touch with you!

    2. One of the brilliant things about blogging! Connection!

  12. Margy, I have discovered your blog recently. I love your style. By looking at your pictures and reading you, I am getting a feeling of you... lively, lovely, dynamic, fully assuming and colourful person. You are the type of person that I would love to meet. Should you come to Montreal, please let me know .

  13. Margy you are just so beautiful. And I love your bedroom - the neutral palette brought alive by pattern.

  14. margy you are amazing!!!!!! I simply love your style and hope I am as fabulous as you when im a senior. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness