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Sunday, March 1, 2015


You've heard of poodle cloth, right?

Well, I just made a Cocker Spaniel Cloth vest...

My friend Patti Ferguson was given some fabrics and she just KNEW that this wool boucle knit had my name on it. Dave took one look at it and said "it looks just like Paddywack!", and indeed it does. He IS my fashion accessory, after all...

I used an out of print Burda pattern, 8296, View A

The wrong side of the boucle knit was attractive, so I reversed the facing on the lapels so that I could wear it open if I choose...

With our current schizophrenic weather, it provides a warm layer for those half-hour segments of the day when it's cold outside.

Besides spending time in the studio, I tried a new recipe which immediately took
on 5-star status...

Epicurious. YUM!

I found this the other day while fashion-surfing...

an excellent reason for sewing my own clothes...$250 for sweatpants?

The lovely Judith of the Style Crone blog is hosting her monthly Hat Attack
party, so I reached into my closet and pulled out this:

It's a handsome hat from the Fulani tribe which I bought many moons ago
in Mali, in West Africa. I love items of clothing which can be wall decorations as well as being

Here's a picture of my little guy having a nap on his tempurpedic pillow...



  1. I love that Paddywack has his own tempurpedic pillow!
    Beautiful vest. I like your creative thinking in reversing the fabric for the lapels. And your hat is wonderful as head and wall adornment.
    You're not paying for the sweatpants; you're paying for the brand. But, um, I've never heard of Cotton Citizen. Your brand is waaay better.

  2. Aww, Paddywack is such a cutie! Love the vest too. Do you find those out-of-print patterns online?

  3. You and Paddywack are too stylish for words :) Great post!

  4. Love your vest and Paddywack is quite handsome, too.

  5. I have a blue roan English cocker spaniel named Riley who looks just like your dog! Another sewer, Bobbin & Baste, has a blue roan ECS as well. They are the best dogs and do make wonderful fashion accessories! —Meg

  6. Fun to read on this cold, cloudy morning! I love your vest and it sure does match Paddywack. :)

  7. I adore your new vest and how it is accessorized by your dear Paddywack. And then you add a hat from Mali! Brillian! Thank you for sharing your creativity with Hat Attack!

  8. Wonderful vest - great looking shirt also! Definitely a Paddywhack vest.
    Marciae from SG

  9. Your cocker spaniel brought a smile to my face this morning. So cute! Love your vest but I am curious about your bracelet? It looks like sea urchins! Did you make it or get it in Africa, too?

  10. What a great vest! And the fabric does really look like Paddywack. Such a cute little doggy!

  11. Beautiful vest! I really like the flavor of Za'atar, and have a chickpea salad recipe that has Za'atar, eggplant, chickpeas (of course) and a few other ingredients. It is great in warm weather with grilled chicken or fish!

  12. Great looking vest. I think I have this vest pattern! I curious to know about your red cowl sweater. Did you make that too or is it rt.?

  13. I'm so envious that you look so great in such a simple vest shape. When I try that style I look like a big cardboard box, but you carry it off with panache. Good job!

  14. You look smashing in your new vest and hat! Excellent marriage of fabric and pattern. It will be wearable with so many outfits. Nice work. And the food looks great, too!

  15. Love the vest and it matches your very cute accessory so well !

  16. I really enjoyed reading this article! I have just launched a book on The Cocker Spaniel care , here is the link http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00JKIE3RY

  17. I just love your sense of style. As always this vest is gorgeous!

  18. Your vest came out great, Margy! That neckline works so well with the cowl/turtleneck top. And Paddywhack is just adorable!