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Thursday, September 17, 2015


I promised to share my MOB details and decisions...so here they are!

The jacket pattern is V2607 by Guy Laroche, which I made last year...

The fabric is "Sun and Shadow", a gorgeous French silk brocade from Marcy Tilton...

When I saw this, I knew I had to have it for my MOB jacket...it was WAY out of my comfort zone on color, but I had to have it anyway! It is a lightweight fabric, and much more complex than photos show; it has some interesting reddish "splotches"  which are hard to show...
and of course, the wonderful silver circles which made it possible for me to wear it!

I asked Pam Erny, AKA The Queen of Interfacing,of Fashion Sewing Supply, what she would recommend for this fabric/pattern duo. Pam is the epitome of good customer service...she recommended using her Pro-Sheer Elegance Light 
to interline the entire jacket; this was used instead of silk organza. It provided the perfect weight to "beef up" the lightweight silk brocade; then I used her 


  1. Love it. I think the fabric really makes it, but I would wear it again and again, not just for the wedding. Lovely family photo.

  2. Stunning result and I love the way the collar sits up and away from your neck. The buttons compliment the fabric very well. Darling wedding photo.

  3. Just gorgeous. You and the fabric!

  4. Your outfit is absolutely beautiful - everyone in the photo is coordinating, whether planned or by chance.
    Your last sentence is cut off in my view - am I missing something here? I want to make sure I get all the details! Heh.

  5. Yes, the rest of your post seems to be missing. Also I hope you will write about your daughter's gorgeous dress!

  6. Spectacular jacket and as always you paired the fabric and pattern perfectly. Wishing all of your family joy in the yesrs to come.

  7. So beautiful. Such special fabrics and occasion!

  8. Beautiful jacket, Great pairing of a unique fabric and classic Vogue designer pattern.

  9. Absolutely beautiful. Elegant and dramatic. I'm sure you got lots of positive comments. I made that same jacket pattern (LOVE the collar) with a long silk skirt for my MOG dress for a formal wedding in Grace Cathedral SF ten years ago. My favorite feedback was from a young woman who said that is exactly what she wants to be wearing when her children get married.