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Sunday, February 21, 2016


I'm not sure whose hide this is supposed to be...
but it would surely be fearsome to come upon the owner in the jungle...

This lightweight jacket isThe Minoru Jacket, by Sewaholic Patterns. My friend Shams recently made this and I fell in love with the pattern, particularly the collar. This is an audition for a pattern to use for a Paris Coat; I used a cotton
stretch jacquard I bought some time ago from Emma One Sock.

I made a few changes to the pattern, eliminating the hood, the sleeve bands, the elastic at the waist,and darting the shoulders rather than gathering them. I also lengthened the jacket by 4 inches, added fish-eye darts, front and back, and added two zippered welt pockets. I lined it with a lively polka dot.

The jury is still out on whether I'll use this pattern for the Paris Coat...I'll wear it for a few weeks and see what I think.

Enough people have expressed curiosity as to my "saving" the Cutting Line Designs Light and Shadow Vest  in my previous post, that I decided to explain what happened and how I fixed it...non-sewers may skip down to the Food Porn...

 The pattern consists of a right front, a left front, the back and the cowl collar. The two fronts are quite different in order to provide the asymmetrical shaping.
The problem was definitely "operator error"...even after close to 70 years of sewing, I still need to be aware!
 The fabric, a striped silk dupioni, looks the same on both sides. I cut each front out as indicated, and (I thought) labeled them with pieces of tape as I do when
using fabric that is identical on both sides. 

 One of the joys of using Cutting Line Designs patterns is the written instruction, 
which is always clearly written, illustrated and covers all details. Per the instructions, I serged the hems of the front pieces, folded up the hems, mitered the corners and used Steam-A-Seam to fuse the hems. Then I top-stitched them. When I started to join the two fronts to the back, I realized I had somehow hemmed the left front on the right side of the garment. And since I had serged, mitered, hemmed, fused and topstitched, I couldn't undo 
my work. So I covered the error with bias tape, added the same tape to the other side and to the back, so it looked (unless you were too close) like it had been planned!

My Instant Pot got more of a work out lately; for Valentine's Day dessert, I made this

It's a Meyer Lemon Cheesecake made in the pressure cooker...and it was
VERY GOOD...we seldom eat dessert, so it was a treat!

I also used the I.P. to make the herbed beans in this recipe...

And tonight, we are having 

up my Bean Club beans!

A few more days in my studio, then DD and DSIL are coming up for the weekend. Yay!

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  1. I am so hungry right now - that bean and chard dish looks especially delicious! Love your print coat - a giraffe meets a leopard? and the dot lining. Thanks so much for sharing,


  2. That jacket is beautiful - love it!

  3. Beautiful jacket. Nice choice of fabrics. Enjoy

  4. You have a real knack for picking interesting fabrics for your patterns - love that jacket! Karen

  5. I LOVE your Minoru! It will be interesting to see if the pattern makes the cut. I love mine so much that I do plan to use it for my Paris coat. That fabric is awesome. :)

  6. Who cares if it's a cat or black and white giraffe? ;), it's fabulous!!!

  7. I really like the changes you have made to the Minoru, and the fabric is so special! One of the pluses of the Minoru for me is the waist treatment and the cuffs. I used a double zipper on mine and it has become a riding coat for a few days a year when needed. Your coat is wonderful!

  8. Beautiful coat! So chic!


  9. Your coat is stunning, IMHO, it deserves to go to Paris!!!

  10. I love your vest too! And the tape really makes it stunning!

  11. Omg Margy, I thought I was DD...hahahah! LOL. Shows you I am not a blogger. What a great post.

  12. Omg Margy, I thought I was DD...hahahah! LOL. Shows you I am not a blogger. What a great post.

  13. Your version of the Minoru is fabulous! I really like the collar w/o the hood.

  14. You are hilarious and that is one gorgeous coat! Spectacular as a matter of fact.......
    You cooked a Meyer Lemon Cheesecake in the Instapot????????

  15. I'm now feeling very bored with my navy Minoru! Who cares what the animal is - your Minoru is fabulous. The food looks pretty wonderful too.

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  17. My goodness - that is fierce fabric indeed. LOVE it. You customized this so much can you still say it's the same pattern? Hahaha! I love what you've done. And the polka-dot lining is perfect. Great sewing fix with the vest too. Time for me to forage for food - your dishes look amazing. I'll probably end up with something more on the cheesecakey side...

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