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Saturday, August 30, 2014


We arrived in Stockholm on Saturday afternoon...what a beautiful city!

Our hotel is a few blocks from this beautiful spot, full of boats, sightseeing or otherwise. We have been blessed with great weather, sunshine and breezes, just a few sprinkles of rain. Dave and I went off to the museum of Modern Art, as we had heard it was a great museum.

And indeed it was...

A wonderful sculpture garden outside the entrance...

After a few hours on our own, we met up and had lunch in the museum restaurant.
(Did I mention the food? Fabulous!)

On our way back to the hotel, we ran into a few sprinkles, so we ducked into a pretty little bar/cafe
To get out of the rain...
The bill, for one glass of wine, and one beer, was US$28. Ouch! This city is VERY expensive.

The "small world" event? After we met up with our travel companions that evening, a woman came over to me and said she "recognized" me from my wardrobe on my blog...a long-time friend of hers, Patty Carlson, and Patty's sister, Mary Boalt, had sat next to me at Sham's workshop which I blogged about last January (sorry, I can't link when I'm blogging with the iPad app). Mary follows my blog, and had told her sister that I was traveling to Scandinavia on the same date as the friend, Mary Ann. What are the odds we'd be in  the same group? There are THOUSANDS of tourists in Stockholm!
What an amazing coincidence!  Here is a picture of Mary Ann and me on a ferry this afternoon,
On our way to the Vasa Museum...

                                               Photo by Doran Berg

We had lunch on our own...a herring plate for me, a hamburger for Dave, to fuel us for the rest of the day...
                                                                             Photo by Doran Berg

Wonderful sights on the streets...narrow side alleys, complete with graffiti,

Interesting street art installations...

City squares with great historical stories to tell...

Beautifully painted buildings..

And always, the enchanting waterways.

We leave in the morning for Kalmar, and then on to Copenhagen..can't wait!



  1. Oh how beautiful! I am glad you are having such a fun time.

  2. I agree with Tomasa - the scenery is beautiful. On to more fun.

  3. I love love love Stockholm. Hope you got a pass through the Old Town and the colors of the buildings there. How funny that you met someone through the blog network!

  4. This series of photos is so terrific-I feel as though I walked with you a bit. Lovely city, though yes, $28 is too expensive for my budget.

  5. What a beautiful place...and how fun to run into a blog fan :) Your style is so unique and your projects so interesting, I'm not surprised at all!

    Enjoy your wonderful trip!

  6. I just had a feeling you would all be in the same group together. Thanks for posting the picture of you and Mary Ann!

  7. Hahaha, I'm laughing at the world, the way it threw you together with people who know you. Your distinctive, wonderful style is like a global beacon after all. It looks like you're having a wonderful time but $28 for a brewsky (Canada-speak), ouch!

  8. Yes, it's amazing how the pieces of the puzzle come together!! I enjoyed seeing your travel wardrobe laid out. I do the same thing, but always wish I had something else. I always pack for a fantasy, rather than the reality of where I'm going.

    I love your sewing projects and have bookmarked many of your links to fabric outlets. I'm happy when I'm sewing!!

  9. You're photos are amazingly beautiful and you look radiant and happy. I can see that travel suits you.

  10. How did I miss this post before!!!?? Wow, what a beautiful city!

  11. My dear … thank you ever so much for this fabulous and transporting share!


  12. I left a comment yesterday, but I don't see it! I just saw this post yesterday and was so surprised I had missed it! Anyway, what gorgeous photos. I had no idea how beautiful Stockholm was, even though my daughter was there a couple years ago, but she doesn't really take pictures (which drives me nuts). And so expensive! Yowza!