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Sunday, August 24, 2014


We leave for Sweden on Friday, August 29...and I THINK I am ready to pack...I always reserve the right to change my mind, but next week is busy with non-sewing activities, so I probably won't make anything new. The only change I might make is if everything doesn't fit in the suitcase...

Here is the wardrobe at-a-glance:


I have been tracking the weather in the countries we are going to...Sweden,
Denmark and Norway. It's been rainy off and on, with temperatures in the mid-60's during the day, and mid 40's to mid 50's at night.

Here are the details, row by row...with links to my blog, when appropriate...

Row 1...Eileen Fisher reversible raincoat (similar), abstract sweater-knit tunic,
            printed cowl-neck tunic, striped tee, black RTW tee, and Patricia 
            Underwood felt hat.

Row 2...gray RTW tee, red RTW tee, lightweight RTW turtleneck, boxy RTW
            wool sweater tunic.

Row 3...Montbell Ultralight down jacket, red LM pants, black RTW trousers,
            two lengths, and striped ankle pants.


Row 5...Red Nylon Crossbody "Highway" Bag, (which I've had forever), red London Fly boots, Patent Dansko wedges, Cole Haan patent rain boots and my 
trusty ECCO walking shoes.

Hmmm...one of the patent leather shoes/boots may have to go...it really helps me to have it all laid out like this...it's much easier to see what's missing or too much. Not shown are scarves, jewelry, etc.

I'm headed over to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style Blog to join the other women for
Visible Monday....come see the visible women!



  1. Love the schematic of your travel wardrobe. The wardrobe looks wonderful – lots of variety so boredom won't set it and you'll be able to cope with all sorts of weather variations.

    Don't you just love being able to whip up a pair of beautiful trousers in two hours. They're easy to make and hard to fit but you've got that covered. We should all be so lucky as to have a Linda Maynard nearby.

    Bon voyage.

    Vancouver Barbara

  2. Great mix of neutrals with shots of red (love the boots!) Hope your trip is the very best, and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. I liked the way you popped everything with red and I would have gone for the EF coat as well!! Good work!

  4. You've already overpacked! I can tell there's no room in your suitcase for me! :( Scandihoovia is definitely on my bucket list of dream destinations.

    Great travel wardrobe! Fashion-wise, I really wouldn't mind at all being you when I grow up ;-)

  5. You've got a great wardrobe there...hope it all fits in the suitcase...and I hope that you have a wonderful trip!

  6. Lovely coordinated travel wardrobe but I suspect you will wittle it down. I travel a lot and always end up packing two-thirds of what I originally planned. Have a safe trip.


  7. I love your wardrobe posts, Margy! Packing is always such a challenge for me but you've got it down to perfection! A beautiful wardrobe.

  8. What a super wardrobe, have fun!

  9. Perfect. My friend and I went to Sweden in early May. It was very cold, but gorgeous and I would love to go again. I think you have got the packing right. Layers always work best in uncertain weather. I love the pieces. Will look at the Marc Tilton pattern.,

  10. Save room for the lovely textiles you'll buy while there. Have fun!

  11. I love seeing how you approach wardrobe planning! You are making me take a look at how I decide what to bring.
    The grey pants are perfect for travel, love that fabric, so versatile. And I agree, what program do you use to catalogue your stash? Or did you create it?
    Thank you for this post, so much work goes into it, I'm sure!

  12. You are going to be the most well dressed person within miles, but then you always are :)

  13. OOOOH this will be an amazing trip and you have a wonderful wardrobe selected. I would love to shop in your closest. Enjoy and safe travels!

  14. Thanks Margy. A wardrobe post like this is a great one for a packing-challenged person like me. Have a great time!

  15. I am SO impressed by your sewing/ packing/computing abilities! It is great to see everything set out like this. It is so well co-ordinated but I would like a bit of crisp white in there somewhere.

  16. I'm taking note of your travel wardrobe. I will be packing for a three week trip in September, and your ideas are inspirational.

  17. Oh, fabulous choices! Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  18. What a great wardrobe - safe and happy travels to you!

  19. This is an answer to a prayer, Margy- I'm struggling with a Scandinavia/Nordic countries travel wardrobe for next year. My colours will be similar to yours- black or navy, plus grey, with a pop of red/wine shades. Have a great trip!!

  20. I love the way you plan your travel wardrobe so meticulously. I just throw all my black clothes into a case the night before I leave!

  21. You do this so well! I hope you are having a wonderful time.

  22. Beautiful packing my dear! Thanks ever so much for sharing! Bon Voyage!