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Sunday, July 10, 2016


*Pretty Piece, Possibly Paris?

What fun I had, sewing this silk duster! The pattern is the Fillmore, by Sewing Workshop, and the gorgeous fabrics (plain silk taffeta and matching pleated silk taffeta)
are from Marcy Tilton.

I was inspired by Martha, of Now Sewing, who made this in a lovely red Brussels Washer Linen. I'm a sucker for a cross-woven fabric in red and black...witness my recent raincoat

and my red jeans from my Portugal wardrobe

These are three that come immediately to mind...suffice it to say a cross woven red/black fabric gets my immediate attention!

This pattern has very interesting seaming and was perfect for two coordinating fabrics.

I made the pattern exactly as printed. I had decided not to pre-wash the silk, but when I had finished the duster, the crispness of the silk didn't work with the volume of the skirt, so I washed it in the washing machine on cold/delicate and hung it to dry. Perfect!

Apparently I was on a Sewing Workshop pattern binge...as I wrote back in May,
I am somewhat obsessed with trying to successfully match this fabric

with an appropriate pattern. Since the only success I've had was a pair of loose pants for my friend Joan many years ago, I went back to that pattern (Sewing Workshop Trio Pants) and sewed it again, just for me!

The fabric and the pattern are a good match...and although this style of pant is not what I usually wear, it's "good enough".

What it DOES do, is allow me to wear some beloved items of jewelry which don't fit in with my usual black, white and red...I have always been very attuned to gray-green stones and have quite a collection of them, from precious moss aquamarines and labradorite, to
coke bottle glass (it's true, the silver and green large beads I found in a market in Mali!)So now I have something to wear them with! Although the pants are not terribly flattering, they ARE very comfortable and I could imagine wearing them on a road trip or plane ride.

I tried another iteration of this pattern in a gray Taslan I had in my stash...


 These will probably be passed on to someone else. I hope I'm over my Taslan

My next sewing project will be home dec in nature...I am recovering these chairs and ottoman.
If these turn out ok, I have SIX more chairs and FOUR more ottomans (ottomen?)but I will probably farm those out to a professional.

In other news, we celebrated Dave's birthday Friday with an excellent dinner out

and received a new picture of our great-granddaughter Amethyst...

Isn't she pretty?

We have been availing ourselves of the glorious summer fruits available from our neighbor and having an occasional VIVID breakfast outside on the deck...

As for the puppies...

MicMac is enjoying his last few weeks of being top dog (er...cat). On Saturday, July 23, we will pick up our new baby in Grass Valley and bring him home. Oh,

I'm heading over to Visible Monday at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style...come take a look!



  1. Sweetest little Amethyst! And MicMac is photogenic as well. Loving your PP's and esp those wide-legged trousers. You look fab, xox


  2. Hello Margy. I delight in how you match fabrics and patterns, using cohesive colors, and topping it all off with just-the-right shoes, accessories and all of that. Working on my own home-sewn wardrobe to achieve similar success and having such a grand time doing so. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Calico Quilter! Isn't it fun!

  3. Your silk vest is gorgeous, Margy! Such wonderful texture though you were very brave to throw it into the wash after it was finished! I agree, that second pair of Taslan pants are not as flatter as that first pair. How weird. (I refer to the 1st pair as the first pair shown in the post, of course...) Amethyst is adorable and I'm sure that the new puppy will be, too!

    1. Thanks, Shams...yes, I crossed all my fingers and toes when I put it in the wash...

  4. I've been away from your blog for a while and was pleased to spot this post. Love the long red vest, with such exquisite pleating and the pants are perfect for travel. Your great grandchild is a little gem!

  5. You look so chic in everything! The latest vest is so interesting and yours is well sewn as usual. I, too, find it quite daring to chuck it in the wash after sewn. Anxious to see pics of your new puppy. Karen

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  7. Just have to take the time to say that you are my favorite sewist blogger, and this post is why. Your choice of fabric and pattern and unfailing style are inspiring. I love both pieces (and, on you particularly)--pants included. Fun. And congrats on the beautiful granddaughter.

  8. What a delightful post! I want to steal all the red items, every last one. I've been thinking of making some similar pants so I'm inspired. Your GGD is adorable. Thank you!

  9. P.S. I think the second pair of pants might fit better if they sat just a bit lower on the waist.

  10. As you look amazing in it, you can go on and post more red shot black fashion! I love the vest on you!

  11. Margy,
    Your great granddaughter is beautiful! How old is she??
    Mary Taylor

  12. Sorry I don't get on here much and have never commented buuut my mom told me to checkout your posting Amethyst's picture on here and I had to see it for myself. :) She's starting to giggle and grow more and more! I sometimes tell her about grandpa and you when we're in the kitchen (I have a card on the fridge) and I swear she listens intently. Beautiful red colors, my favorite of all! I love you gma Margy! Amethyst can only say "agooo!" <3

  13. I feel so privileged to have seen most of these gorgeous clothes IN PERSON! YOu are such an inspiration. Creativity oozes out of your pores (not the most flattering image for such a peauctiful human being but kind of true!). I think those pants are actually very flattering... Thank you again for hosting us. We all adore you and Dave! PS Got the package today... Mahalo!

  14. Your pants! Your pants! Wow. They are pretty spectacular. I love their lines. And your silk duster for Paris? Why ever not!? Such a gorgeous piece. We thought of you at a recent blogger meetup when I was with other great fabric/thread people and Tilton fans.

    Happy birthday to Dave! Beautiful shot of little Amethyst, so sweet. And the other baby (king) of the family, MicMac, who will have to share his throne. Oh well.

  15. Love both the vest and the pants that you've decided to keep. Your jewelry is perfect for the pants and tops outfit. Can't wait to see what you finally decide to take with you to Paris!

  16. What fun to see your versions of these two Sewing Workshop patterns. I love your silk Filmore and the Trio pants are cute. I am still fascinated with the Trio pants pattern having seen someone wearing a cropped version at Sew Kansas. You will of course be chic and smart while in Paris!

  17. Love that silk duster, and it seems so very brave to throw it in the wash, but then if you didn't like it before washing....

    The first version of the pants are interesting and I love seeing your pieces and watching how the wardrobe plans develop,

  18. What a pleasure to see what you're up to! I love the sewing projects, and your focus on creating a specific capsule wardrobe is inspiring. The last picture of your kitty was totally endearing. XOXO