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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Pants!

YAY! Here are my first (showable) pair of pants made from the draft Lynda Maynard made for me last month.
                                              No "Butt Puddle"

Kathryn (fzxdoc) on Stitchers' Guild suggested I put in a "before" photo...here it
Big difference, huh?

They are made of an off-white stretch linen from Harts Fabrics. The linen shirt with the frilly pocket is an eBay find from Kedem Sasson.
I'm very happy with the pattern. This is my 4th try, so even custom fitted patterns need some tweaking and fussing. I will now be able to change the leg width and length, add design elements, etc.

Sandwiched in between my trip to San Francisco and the workshop I co-led at the Ojai Institute, I had a birthday and DH gave me this:
100,000 BTU's, people...that's hot! I cook a lot of Vietnamese and Thai food, so I have wanted this for a LONG time!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Little Retail Therapy While We're Waiting...

for the pants...hope to have a picture to share tomorrow. MEANWHILE....

From my recent trip to San Francisco and wonderful shopping with Shams:

 A wonderful knitted jacket from Mio, one of Sharon's favorite boutiques... it's
blackest black, but lightened to show details...don't you love
the peplum back?

A couple of fabulous items from Smith Alder in San Jose....
 A gorgeous coated linen jacket from Ivan Grundahl

and a beautiful pleated shibori scarf. Shams knows her way around the

And a a couple of eBay scores...
 a fabulous shibori-dyed jacket from Babette SF...

and a Luna Luz "Cheerio" skirt with my new Trippen sandals...
Those of you with sharp eyes and good memories may recall seeing Shams
in her version of the Cheerio skirt
We DO tend to like the same things...

And last, but not least, my Dotty shirt (are you thinking I LOVE polka dots?)

It's B5678, view C,
in a lovely gray/black dotted swiss from Marcy Tilton. I wanted to make a shoulder/princess seam top and this filled the bill.

 À demain....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tripping in my Trippens

Back from a highly successful trip to the San Francisco Bay Area...Trippen sightings, meet ups, fabulous museum viewing and a new pants pattern!

                                      Jillian  and Shams
                                        All three of us in our Trippens...
                   Unexpected meet up with Ann and Barbara V.
        and my 2nd and final pants muslin with Lynda Maynard. See how straight
those pants hang!

The exhibit we saw was the Jean Paul Gaultier "From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk"
and it was incredible.  I have linked to my Picasa album for pictures of the wondrous things we saw.

                                       JPG himself, by the wonders of holography...

I sadly won't be able to try out my new pattern until Friday; I am co-leading a Women's Wisdom workshop with a friend in Ojai.

          Here's my friend Shams...she made sure I had a WONDERFUL time!