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Sunday, November 27, 2016


It's taken me more than a month to get back to blogging...I posted some pictures as I went along on Facebook and Instagram, but I needed some downtime after I returned on the 14th.

photo by Shams

Here I am, in front of my favorite Paris sculpture, by Pol Bury, in the Palais
Royal. Shams and I arrived in Paris four days before the Tilton Trip began, and managed to do a little retail therapy and learn the Metro system on our own.

In our hotel lobby, raring to go!

But first, a little fuel in the form of escargots, good bread and a glass of wine...

Then, off to the Trippen Store (of course)

photo by Shams

LOVE my new Trippens! 

Shams and I had a fun meet-up with Jeanne of 365 dresses, who spends
several months in Paris every year. We had wine and hors d'oeuvres with
her and her husband in their apartment; then Jeanne joined us the next day, took
us to the Bon Marche department store, and did a little shopping.

Bon Marche
photo by Shams

Meet ups are so much fun, especially thousands of miles away!

Here we are, learning our way around Paris on the Metro...
photo by Shams

and waiting for the next train...

photo by Shams

Then, the Paris Tilton Tour began!

Thirteen fabulous women and Katherine and Marcy Tilton...what a recipe for fun!

After meeting each other and orienting ourselves, we set off for the
wonderful D'Orsay Museum.

Original Station Window

Familiar Degas ballerina

weird lounge in the museum

Lots of shopping took place (of course)...


photo by Shams

Ruth and Shams shopping

photo by Shams

Ruth's Hat

One of the most fun things was meeting Ruth H., who lives in Santa Fe
and Indiana (and soon to be Minnesota). Ruth was on the Tilton trip last fall
and returned for a second trip. She is tall, beautiful,wears gorgeous self-sewn clothes, usually in black, red and white, is great fun, and loves her glass of 
wine, just like me!

in her gorgeous Koos coat

photo by Shams

We also like distinctive glasses (both wine- and eye-)
photo by Shams

The Paris Tilton trip involves LOTS of walking, which is perfect, as Paris
is a fantastic walking city. Luckily, my foot injury was beaten into submission
and I was able to walk 5 or 6 miles a day.

"Les Copains" photo by Marcy Tilton

photo by Shams

photo by Shams

I foolishly thought I could cover the whole trip in one post...it's not gonna happen! Too much fun stuff left to share. For anyone wanting instant gratification, go to Shams' blog; she is much more prolific than I am, both in 
photos and blog posts. I'll be back soon to finish my tale!

Meanwhile...Thanksgiving happened, and we had a small gathering. Maggie, David and my nephew Dan, the glass artist

Here we are, this morning, having a good time at breakfast...

David and Dan 


and moi, laughing!

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