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Sunday, September 20, 2015


Despite being temporarily slowed down by a traveling cold, I've been productive in the studio and online, adding to my fall wardrobe.

In an interesting and mostly successful trifecta, I combined V8929, V1034 (OOP) and my custom pant pattern by Lynda Maynard, and made a pair of jeans in a beautiful red/black denim from Silhouette Patterns.

I need to change the waistband to a contoured one and take a few tucks in the back leg, but I'm pretty pleased with them. I am pairing then here with a TNT
B5954, a tunic in a pretty paisley in red, gray and black from Fabric.com.

I made the same tunic (can you tell I like it?) in a cozy sweater knit with polkadots from Marcy Tilton, this time without the cowl collar and with a contrasting neck binding.

Paddywack approves...AND matches!

I couldn't resist a long sweater jacket from Orvis in a black and gray houndstooth...

And, a fun, funky short pullover taffeta vest with a wire collar from Sun Kim,
a division of Comfy.

So, that's what I've been up to! I'm off to Artistry in Fashion next weekend, to
see old friends and meet up with new ones, and, just maybe, do a little shopping...


Thursday, September 17, 2015


I promised to share my MOB details and decisions...so here they are!

The jacket pattern is V2607 by Guy Laroche, which I made last year...

The fabric is "Sun and Shadow", a gorgeous French silk brocade from Marcy Tilton...

When I saw this, I knew I had to have it for my MOB jacket...it was WAY out of my comfort zone on color, but I had to have it anyway! It is a lightweight fabric, and much more complex than photos show; it has some interesting reddish "splotches"  which are hard to show...
and of course, the wonderful silver circles which made it possible for me to wear it!

I asked Pam Erny, AKA The Queen of Interfacing,of Fashion Sewing Supply, what she would recommend for this fabric/pattern duo. Pam is the epitome of good customer service...she recommended using her Pro-Sheer Elegance Light 
to interline the entire jacket; this was used instead of silk organza. It provided the perfect weight to "beef up" the lightweight silk brocade; then I used her 

Sunday, September 6, 2015


It's continued to be HOT (105℉) here, it makes my studio uncomfortable to be in, especially in the afternoon. But that hasn't stopped me...

I made a jacket from TNT M5433 (OOP) using a gorgeous brocade from Emma One Sock.

I snatched up this fabric as soon as I saw it...MY COLORS!

I lined it in a gorgeous red silk charmeuse (because I can...one of the many reasons I sew) 

 and paired it with some special buttons AND some of my beloved Indian jewelry

I also made the denim ankle pants (my custom Lynda Maynard pattern) in an
off-black denim from Marcy Tilton.

I had the distinct pleasure of hosting two darling 10-year-old twins (and their mother) who are both taking sewing lessons here in the valley. They had heard about my 
"Star Blogger" turn in Vogue Pattern Magazine and wanted to visit my studio and see what I do and where I do it.! I set them loose and let them wander around, inspect some of the clothes I've made, check out my inspiration wall,

and ask me any questions they wanted. It was so much fun! Thrilling to see young girls interested in sewing. I hope it's a trend!

This is the very brief season when fresh figs are in the market...so I took advantage of it and made Chicken with Roasted Figs

Oh, so good....

and (be still my heart/stomach) Halloumi with Honey-Grilled Figs

and with that, I leave you for now!