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Sunday, October 18, 2015

FINAL WARDROBE FOR PORTUGAL (unless I change my mind...)

I've spent the last week analyzing, changing my mind, sewing (a had-to-have turtleneck this morning) playing with pictures, trying on my potentials, and making decisions. The biggest one was to eliminate the brocade jacket that was the centerpiece for the whole wardrobe...

I love it, it's gorgeous, but after trying it on with various pants, tops, etc., I decided it's not a jacket I would want to wear day-in, day-out for 3 weeks.
SO...I went through my closets and finally chose this jacket, which I made three years ago to take to Sicily.

It has my necessary travel pockets inside, it's lightweight and comfortable, and it goes with all the other items I'm taking (one of the decided advantages of wearing the same color scheme FOREVER).

So, here are my wardrobe choices...(remember, I do check a modest size suitcase)

Coats and Jackets: (links to original posts)

all made by me, raincoat, denim jacket, "zen" jacket and red moto.


Clockwise: Black mini boot cut Chicos jeans, Red denim jeans, Black/Silver
Striped Bengaline jeans, made by me but not blogged about, Black Stretch Crepe Eileen Fisher slim pants, and gray NYDJ chinos.


Clockwise from top: Black taffeta vest, vintage vest, Red Travel Vest,



All RTW, gray/black striped sweater, houndstooth sweater jacket, and a black sweater jacket.


Left to right from top...

Black, off-white and red Eileen Fisher silk tees, gray/black striped shell, gray/black striped turtleneck (RTW) gray tee, also RTW, and this morning's project, a red/black striped funnel-necked Burda top from a wonderful fabric from Marcy Tilton.


The waterproof booties were added due to rain forecast in Lisbon while we are there. (Hey, I'm from California, rain is ALWAYS welcome!)


Rainhat added, black felt beloved Patricia Underwood hat, scarves and purse.


If my suitcase is too full/heavy, these will be severely edited!

We leave early on Friday and will be gone almost three weeks. I'll post pictures if I have the chance (and the internet).


P.S. Linking up to Patti and the other Visible Women here at Not Dead Yet Style!

Sunday, October 11, 2015


I've spent all week analyzing my clothing, gathering it together in my studio on a rack to make sure everything "goes" together. First off, I made a spread sheet to list my items on...

then, I started photographing groups of items, such as Coats and Jackets






and accessories...

Not chosen yet are scarves, jewelry. I have 10 days to play with this, adding, eliminating, etc. We'll see what I come up with!

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Since I last posted, I drove up to Redwood City to attend another AIF, Artistry in Fashion. This is my 3rd time in 4 years...it's always fun to see friends, make new friends, see fashion shows and shop the Vendors. There are usually several blog readers who introduce themselves to me...I love that!

Here are Shams, from Communing with Fabric, and Ronda Chaney, Program Coordinator of the Cãnada College Fashion Design Department; she is responsible for this wonderful event.

Friends Dorothy, Ann and Barbara, all models in the Fashion Show, in their outfits...

and here, in their "real" clothes.

and here they are with Shams. As always, I walked away with some special things from the wonderful vendors.

I decided to stop sewing new things and start putting together my travel wardrobe for Portugal; we leave in 2 ½ weeks, so this is none too soon.

As I was accumulating items for consideration, I happened to have all my red footwear on the floor in my closet, and I was amazed to find I have so many
red shoes!

Red is truly a neutral for me...

Also, as I was choosing what to pull out of my closet, I took advantage of the chance to rearrange my tee shirts and turtlenecks, moving them from hangers to drawers. MicMac took advantage, too... (Marie Kondo would be so proud of me...

I decided to try a new way of "storyboarding" my travel wardrobe, so I thought I'd share with you how I begin. I took pictures of each article of clothing that might potentially make it to the final cut. I hung a white sheet on a pole and hung the clothing item on a clothesline in the foreground. For instance:

This is my latest "Trifecta" pant, in a black bengaline with silver stripes from Marcy Tilton.
After a little Photoshopping, I had this to add to my possibilities:

After all the photographing and Photoshopping, I made a file of all the pants

all the vests

and all the tunics

I do this for coats and jackets, tee shirts, and accessories. When I am finished, I put them all together and begin the culling (I know, TMI, what can I say, I'm a geek...)

Speaking of accessories, I am breaking in these gorgeous Stuart Weitzman boots as I write...

With that lug sole, they should be great for Lisbon's cobblestone hills. They are supremely comfortable.

My friend Joan had a complete knee replacement a few days ago...I went to visit her earlier today.

A couple of friends had just given her this enormous goofy hair bow...which I of course had to try

The necklace I'm wearing here is one of my "finds" from AIF...it is made from
the balls in a roll-on deodorant bottle...that makes it even more "special"!

Joan's beautiful sister is taking care of her...

    "Nurse Linda"

That's all for now...TTYL!