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Sunday, October 18, 2015

FINAL WARDROBE FOR PORTUGAL (unless I change my mind...)

I've spent the last week analyzing, changing my mind, sewing (a had-to-have turtleneck this morning) playing with pictures, trying on my potentials, and making decisions. The biggest one was to eliminate the brocade jacket that was the centerpiece for the whole wardrobe...

I love it, it's gorgeous, but after trying it on with various pants, tops, etc., I decided it's not a jacket I would want to wear day-in, day-out for 3 weeks.
SO...I went through my closets and finally chose this jacket, which I made three years ago to take to Sicily.

It has my necessary travel pockets inside, it's lightweight and comfortable, and it goes with all the other items I'm taking (one of the decided advantages of wearing the same color scheme FOREVER).

So, here are my wardrobe choices...(remember, I do check a modest size suitcase)

Coats and Jackets: (links to original posts)

all made by me, raincoat, denim jacket, "zen" jacket and red moto.


Clockwise: Black mini boot cut Chicos jeans, Red denim jeans, Black/Silver
Striped Bengaline jeans, made by me but not blogged about, Black Stretch Crepe Eileen Fisher slim pants, and gray NYDJ chinos.


Clockwise from top: Black taffeta vest, vintage vest, Red Travel Vest,



All RTW, gray/black striped sweater, houndstooth sweater jacket, and a black sweater jacket.


Left to right from top...

Black, off-white and red Eileen Fisher silk tees, gray/black striped shell, gray/black striped turtleneck (RTW) gray tee, also RTW, and this morning's project, a red/black striped funnel-necked Burda top from a wonderful fabric from Marcy Tilton.


The waterproof booties were added due to rain forecast in Lisbon while we are there. (Hey, I'm from California, rain is ALWAYS welcome!)


Rainhat added, black felt beloved Patricia Underwood hat, scarves and purse.


If my suitcase is too full/heavy, these will be severely edited!

We leave early on Friday and will be gone almost three weeks. I'll post pictures if I have the chance (and the internet).


P.S. Linking up to Patti and the other Visible Women here at Not Dead Yet Style!


  1. Great wardrobe, very vibrant yet cohesive. Have a wonderful time!!

  2. Great post. I want you to know you were my inspiration for a red/black/grey color scheme for a recently completed one month trip to Spain, and I have never been so happy with my travel clothing. Even at the end of the trip, when I was down to "whatever's left that's still clean" I still had presentable outfits to wear. Thanks for your great posts.

  3. You will be the most stylish lady in Europe!

  4. What a gorgeous set of potential combos! (as always!)

  5. Great choices for travel. You'll always look wonderful. How big is your suitcase? Whatever I choose to travel with always requires our largest suitcase. Hope you enjoy Portugal.

  6. Great wardrobe, very versatile and interesting. You are really inspiring me to continue refining my focus on what works, and then build from there.

  7. You'll be stunning, as always!

  8. What a marvelous and well-coordinated wardrobe! So many possibilities. Thanks for linking up.


  9. Very stylish wardrobe. I do like that brocade jacket, though - I bet you could squeeze it into an outside pocket.... :)

  10. Chic red pants :)
    BLOG M&MFASHIONBITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  11. What - no black and white and red bikini?

  12. You make me think, for the first time in my life, what would my wardrobe be like if I made it myself. Huh. What an interesting thought. I'm in awe.

  13. I could only hope to be so fabulous! Love it.

  14. Wish I were as organized as you are for travel. Taking tips here. Have a fabulous time. The Patricia Underwood hat is a great choice!

  15. Miss your posts. Hope all is well.