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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Catching up...with severe jet lag and a sick puppy, this week has been a hard one!

I last left you in Stockholm, one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited.

Such fabulous design...made window-shopping so much fun! We left Stockholm for Kalmar, a historical city, where a significant treaty between Norway and Sweden was signed in the 1300's. It took place at Kalmar Castle, beautifully restored.

I absolutely adored the colorful buildings.

We were on our way to Denmark, via the Oresund Bridge, which connects Sweden and Denmark.

Just before we got on the bridge, we stopped for a little "comfort stop", which included a glass of mead.

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen...I had not been there since 1967, and a lot
has changed, but not the Little Mermaid...

We went on a walking tour of Copenhagen, seeing the sights

Architectural Museum...

Fascinating underwater sculpture...

The new Opera House...and, finally, ending up at one of the restaurants along colorful Nyhavn

having a tasty lunch and Danish beer (oops, looks like a Polish beer)

Our lovely Swedish guide, Ylva, had been wearing a very interesting outfit during the trip

with zippers front and back

so while we were in Copenhagen, she pointed out the shop the outfit came from....

and I managed to spend a few kroner there after lunch! (Here is their website)

I got this boldly striped sweater

and an outfit with some awesome zippers...

(here's a picture of the top from the website)

I'll take better pictures of this in a future post.

We took a ferry to Aero Island

and stayed for a few days...it is small, rural and lovely...

charming shops, pretty houses and gardens

good food (of course)

and interesting stone age ruins (hahahaha)

We came back to Copenhagen for half a day, 

 went to a few museums, had a final Danish danish, 

and boarded an overnight ferry to Norway. I'll save that for the next post!

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