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Sunday, August 23, 2015


We here in central/southern California are in the middle of a heat wave...it will reach 98° in my area by Friday. And, September and October are historically our hottest months. So, why am I sewing fall clothes? Because:

  1. I LOVE fall clothes. It's my favorite fashion season.
  2. It is my way of being in denial about the climate I live in.
  3. Yummy fall fashions are on the runway.
  4. Gorgeous fall fabrics are in my go-to fabric sources.
  5. I am going to Portugal in late October, and am hoping the weather will be cool enough there to wear my fall clothes.
  6. Yada,yada,yada
Here is a new pattern from Marcy Tilton, V9140

I made it in a double-sided ponte knit, gray with black dots on one side, plain gray on the other. The fabric is also from Marcy. I cut front facings and welts from solid black ponte, and trimmed the front and sleeves with a trimming I love.

The fabric is not that heavy, so IF WE EVER GET ANOTHER WINTER, I will be able to wear it here, as well.

Back to the studio...


Saturday, August 15, 2015


Another fruitful week in my studio...my sewing mojo is strong!

A potential travel wardrobe vest...done in a wonderful knit ponte from Marcy Tilton (sold out, unfortunately). She calls it "Keith Haring"

and I think you can see why I snapped it up! MY colors! I made it up as a vest in Sandra Betzina's new Vogue pattern, V1425.

I'm very happy with it...the fabric is wonderful and the pattern is interesting.

The cute little purse came from the shop at the Portland Art museum.

I can wear it with gray AND red, and it's a perfect weight for my taste.

 Close up of the fabric...

I had to take these pictures EARLY in the morning, as it's supposed to get close to 100 degrees today; not the time to be so covered up!

Back to the studio I go!


Saturday, August 8, 2015


I've been blissfully busy in the studio lately, summer travel over, no houseguests  expected in the near future, leaving me free to do what I love: dream, create, sew and "putter". 

I've wanted to duplicate the striped pants on the pattern cover of V8929 for a long time...I've made the pattern half a dozen or more times, but not in the stripe as shown on the envelope

Both pattern and fabric are from Marcy Tilton. So I finally did!

(Unfortunately, stripes DO emphasize tummy curves...) but the pants are fun and comfortable and Paddywack loves them!

Then, with potential candidates for a travel wardrobe in mind, I made V1453,
by Sandra Betzina.

I decided I wanted a more body-conscious fit, so I darted front and back and recut the side seams, to make this:

I made it out of black taffeta and trimmed it with black and silver striped silk dupioni...I didn't really mean to be so matchy-matchy, but, oh well!

The pockets are cute and practical on this vest...

So, I'm in the middle of doing one of my favorite things...making a travel wardrobe. We are going to Portugal in October.