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Sunday, December 28, 2014


It's been almost a month since my last post...the last two months of the year are often difficult for me...I teeter on the edge of depression. The expectations of the season are sometimes overwhelming, and all I want to do is sleep till January 1. Over the years, I've amassed many ways of coping; one, obviously is to hide away in my studio. Another is to get together with loving longtime friends and let my inner extravert out...

Yes, that's a plastic bag on my head...

and here I'm dancing my heart out. All of us are "of a certain age" but time
hasn't slowed us down much!

I'm almost back to normal, whatever that is, and ready to share my life again.

I made another kappogi for my friend Joan, for Christmas,

from a Japanese cotton from F&S Fabrics in Los Angeles. I use mine so often, I
hope she enjoys this one as well.

I also made a pair of "lantern pants", V8712 OOP, from Marcy Tilton, to go with a new pair of boots. My elegant friend Willie from Oregon stopped by on her way to spend Christmas with her family in Los Angeles. She looked so stylish in her
pants, jacket and boots, that I tried to copy her look...

(picture lightened to show details). I haven't quite got it yet, but I'll keep trying!

The Visible Women  are having a post-holiday meet up later this afternoon over at Patti's blog...
come over and say hi!