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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Recently, I was asked to do a guest post for Fabric Mart's new sewing blog, Fabric Mart Fashionistas. The only requirement was that I use one of their fabrics...that was easy! I chose to use this Dana Buchman
silk/cotton blend

which has been very popular. I already know how this fabric is for travel; when I went to Ethiopia last January, I made a scarf/bandana from it and was so impressed. It's lightweight, cool and DOES NOT WRINKLE.
I decided to make a shirt/tunic top which could be worn with several outfits that are going with me.
I used one of my TNT's, B5526, View C, but I changed it somewhat. I added some gathered pockets and a ruffled "Frill" instead of a standard collar.

I made the sleeves without cuffs, but faced them, so I can roll them up.

It's hard to see the pockets, but they are quite cute and different.

The reason I KNOW this is going? I have worn it half-a-dozen times, already, in our latest hot weather!

Fabric Mart is offering a 20% coupon to those of you who "like" them on Facebook. By doing this (I have done so), you can get early news of special savings and new fabrics!


I started V1034, one of Sandra Betzina's jeans patterns, as a wearable muslin for a pair of red jeans I hoped to make for my trip. Unfortunately, I have had trouble finding "my red" in a fabric suitable for jeans...lots of reds, but none just right. I used a lovely stretch cotton ikat denim from Marcy Tilton for my jeans:
They're not too bad for my first pair, but I'm going to try another pattern next time. I had to make
a few too many alterations, and I think Sandra's cut is not for me.
The back is not as nice as my Lynda Maynard pants, but I need to learn to translate that to a 
jeans pattern.
Not going to Sicily, but a good learning experience!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A VESTed Interest...

I search for the perfect vest like some women look for the perfect purse; I wear vests not only for travel, but I wear them most mornings when Dave and I walk our daily 4 miles. I have bought many vests from travel sites, with lots of great pockets, but stylish, they aren't. So....

This is adapted from S2153, the first Simplicity pattern I've used in a long time. I made it from a silver crushed taffeta from Online Fabric Store and lined it in a silver stretch taffeta from the same source. I added my usual inside pockets, and there are 4 pockets on the outside...


I've been wearing it all morning; I was afraid the 100% polyester might be too hot, but it's not, and even with the stretch taffeta lining, it's as light as air.

This is the inside, showing the pockets...I could probably wear it this side out, if I wanted to.

I wound up slashing and changing a lot; the vest was way too boxy, so I copied a curve from my favorite tee and laid it on both the fashion fabric and the lining. That helped a lot; then I cut the top of the armholes way back, and that helped even more. The trim on the inside pockets and through the collar casing and waist casing is a favorite black and white striped ribbon; and I just "happened" to have a silver herringbone zipper in the right length...

Ready to go!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gray Skies

Dictionary.com describes gray as "a color between white and black"...no wonder I love it! I have made TWO pair of gray pants lately...
 These, in a silvery viscose/cotton/lycra blend from Emma One Sock. The pattern is a modification of my Lynda Maynard pant. Unfortunately, this is the kind of fabric that gives "stretch" a bad name. These were quite snug when I made them, but they grow...and grow...and grow...I will alter them, but I'm afraid I'll continue to have a fitting problem. The fabric is gorgeous, though...

The second pair are in a pale gray cotton/lycra poplin from my local B&M store:
I used M6405, view C. I had hoped this paler gray would go with my plaid shirt I made a few weeks
ago, but no such luck. I will continue to wear that shirt with black pants.

The top in all pictures is another version of M6571, the boatneck tee from Palmer/Pletsch. I love this pattern; it has a very pleasing curve to it. The fabric is a (droopy) rayon/lycra knit from Marcy Tilton.

We leave for Sicily 3 weeks from today...I need to do a little wardrobe assessment to see what is needed.  I'll let you know!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

NOT Black and White!!!

No, black and GRAY and white...a change!
This is B5526, my current TNT blouse/shirt pattern. It's in a beautiful Japanese shirting cotton from Marcy Tilton from a year or so ago. I added bias details...cuffs, under-collar, front bands
I thought I was making this to go with my favorite gray jeans
but...the colors weren't right when I took the (finished) shirt out in the sunshine...memo to self, don't rely on the lights in the studio, even though they're Ott lights...so, luckily, they go with black jeans.
I either have to remove the gray jeans from my Sicily travel wardrobe, or find a shirt fabric that goes with this gray...hmmm.

On to the next project...