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Sunday, March 20, 2016


I've spent A LOT of time in my studio lately...I'm listening to "A Little Life" by Hanya Yanagihara, short-listed for both the Man Booker and National Book Award for Fiction. It is a long, long, sad and dark book...but the writing is so
luminous, and I love the characters so much that I am hooked. I have come to love listening to Audible Books while I'm sewing; it encourages me to do a lot more hand sewing (good). When I come to a tricky bit in my sewing, I turn the book off, then start up again when I am ready. (I don't multi-task very well)

My first item was part of an ongoing attempt to find a very high scrunch turtleneck that doesn't collapse. I'll post about that later (it's pretty, and I'll wear it, but the neck isn't what I'm looking for).

Then, I made long OOP V8192, as a vest; I learned why there are only two reviews of this pattern on Pattern Review, both somewhat negative.

So, I was well-warned. I love the collar and decided to try it anyway. The main problem is that, in order to hang properly, I needed to add SIX sets of snaps to the interior. The top is essentially a double breasted vest without the necessary "buttons".

Here it is in my studio, as I figure out where to place the double-welt pockets.

And here it is, on me (with background of emerging wisteria) The fabric is a 
wonderful rayon-blend two-sided crinkle woven from Marcy Tilton which I love.

I like it, although I'm not sure it was worth all the bother...it's lightweight and drapey, perfect for my climate.


Next, as I was rummaging around in my studio, I found an almost completed knit top which I had totally forgotten about. It's B5954, adjusted somewhat to take advantage of a paneled knit with a border from Emma One Sock. So I added a neck finish, hemmed the sleeves and bottom, and voila!

A women's group I've belonged to for more than 30 years had a meeting this month in the studio of Seyburn Zorthian. We have two paintings of hers which I've written about before.

I've known Seyburn for a long time, but I was still fascinated by her telling us of the history of her painting...

and I found a new painting to love...

As a parting shot, check out my new polka-dot cat eye specs!

I'm heading over to Patti's site, Not Dead Yet Style, to join the Visible Women. Come  see what we've been up to!


Sunday, March 6, 2016


Almost five years ago, in this post, I wrote about my dear friend, cherished role model and beautiful human being, Laura.

At 104, Laura is presently transitioning to the next life, and in love, gratitude and honor, I finally made the quilted garnet silk vest I wanted to remember her by.

Laura taught me so much, by example, by her everpresent interest and fierce support in whatever
I might be doing, by the way she dressed, and by the love which she carried within her that was unmistakeable and available to all.

I bought this quilted velvet 5 years ago and made another Vogue 1453.

I'm also introducing my new hat, a gray felt handmade '40's type hat, made by 
UnaHats and sold on Etsy.

Maggie and David were up last weekend and lots of cooking and hanging out took place. Lovely as always! I have a new cookbook, Gjelina, named after a much beloved restaurant in Venice (CA) that Maggie took me to several years ago. I dipped my spoon into the waters with
Roasted Beet Salad with Avocado, Oranges, Toasted Hazelnuts and Sherry

Vinegar, recipe here.   YUMMM! It was particularly wonderful because the baby beets were from the farmstand next door to me, which recently reopened after a few months off for the winter. Their baby spinach is to die for, too...

And last night I made Roasted Mustard Chicken by The Barefoot Contessa...

which we will have tonight, also, along with a bottle of champagne, to toast 
the last (sob) episode of Downton Abbey.

I'm sliding in under the wire at the beautiful Style Crone Judith's Hat Attack...
come see who's wearing what!