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Sunday, January 25, 2015


...said the Walrus. I have no sewing projects to show, as I've been out of the studio for a while. But I've had a memorable two weeks.

First off, new SHOOZ!

Trippen "Bus" in red...I LOVE red shoes!

I had a blogger meet-up with the fabulous Lisa from Amid Privilege; we had such a good time at lunch that we totally forgot to have our picture taken together! We jabbered for almost two hours, learning about each other's past,
present and future. Lisa drives to Santa Barbara regularly to see her mother, and I hope to be a permanent stop on her trip. She is exploring where she wants to go and what to do in her early retirement. I can't wait to find out.

We had visits from two of our daughters recently; the first was from J. who now lives in Salt Lake City. We had a busy four days, visiting, talking, a trip to the beach with her Dad. One night she taught me how to make potstickers to my total delight. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph it!

Then the next weekend we had a visit from Maggie and David, who had not been up here for a long time. David is a Mac Whiz, and we discussed a "secret project" that he is working on, with a little help from me...

The fact that my giant "swatch book" is sitting there should give you a hint of what the project is about...more to come later!

Maggie brought up the gorgeous photograph of Morro Bay that she had given us for Christmas, and we spent hours deciding where we would hang it.

It's fun when the photographer can supervise the hanging of her work. Micmac the Maine Coon arrives whenever the ladder appears.

Because Maggie is such a fabulous cook, we usually cook together when she's here. Of course I had to introduce her to potstickers. Because she doesn't eat wheat, we used some rice sheets instead, which were SO BIG that we turned them into GIANT GYOZA.

Hand included for scale...then, we cooked

and steamed...

added some stir-fried veggies

and served it all to Paddywack (not really)


I got a chance to wear one of my new vests out to lunch with Dave last week...

And then last night, we celebrated our 39th anniversary...

Wow, it looks like all I do is eat...

I am joining up with the Visible Women over on Not Dead Yet Style where the
ever gracious Patti hosts our get together...See you there!


Sunday, January 11, 2015


I'd like to thank those of you who sent me understanding and  uplifting responses to my last post...I'm feeling much better! and Happy New Year!

Here's a vest I've been wearing a lot lately...

It's B6064 by Katherine Tilton, in a yummy scarlet cross-woven-in-black poly
taffeta from Marcy Tilton. Here is another hands-in-pockets view

and here is the perfect button I just happened to have in my stash!

 And here's another vest, this one by Lynn Mizono for Gisele Shepatin. Its out of a lovely thick fleece and I love the collar!

and the back...

It appears I can't have too many red vests! This one is from one of my favorite

And then, I saw this online on Shopbop and decided I had to have it...

The beautiful shibori scarf is from several years ago when I went shopping with

We are enjoying a visit from oldest daughter who lives in Salt Lake City. I am going to roast a chicken tonight and we'll watch Downton Abbey. What fun!

I'm headed over to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style Visible Monday where there's a giveaway going on...check it out!