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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Two weeks from Saturday, a countdown for sure! MOB outfit is finished, last WWWWW (wedding work weekend, etc) over, I won't see the worker bees till a few days before the wedding!

Positions for the wedding arch were set...

mirrored garlands were placed in the oak tree

(Mirrored garland placer extraordinaire...)

I supervised in my NEW SHOES...

Table decorations, lanterns, favors, all lovingly crafted by friends on many "craft nights" in Los Angeles...

I did my usual "Keep those workers fed" ...

Breakfast, courtesy of Dave

Burmese umbrella lights...

yummy Indian colors...

The B2B drinking OJ

Kelly in her matching kimono...

General Kelly, preparing to motivate the troops

Breakfast chef, Dave...

Dessert one night, walnut and fresh-figs-from-the-garden cake...

The redwood grove where the ceremony will take place...

Where the sun will be during the ceremony (4 PM)

My sewing activities were focused on making slip-covers for outdoor furniture out of wonderful, hard-to-sew Sunbrella...now, my time is devoted to all the little details that are required to make this production  wedding a success!

See you when it's over!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Two years ago, I hesitantly stuck my toe into the blogging world, not sure if I had much to talk about or to "show and tell"...I didn't realize that the best thing about blogging would be the wonderful people I would "meet"... and get to know, both virtually and IRL.

This was in my first post, on September 8, 2011...later, I learned (from Shams
at Communing with Fabric) how to take pictures of myself in the clothes I sewed.

This morning, my blog views for the last two years passed the 300,000 mark; I'm not particularly a stats junkie, but I do find that number amazing!

I have enjoyed planning and sharing my various travel wardrobes, to Ethiopia, Sicily and Iran, and setting up a separate travel blog, which has had some problems due to internet service in other countries!

I am now coming down to the wire in planning and getting ready for DD's wedding, 4 weeks from yesterday...and while I DID finish the MOB jacket yesterday, (YaY me!) I'm not going to share it until the actual day!

So here's a picture of me in my silver vest so that I have a picture to share
with Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style...another lovely site where I 

have "met" so many more wonderful bloggers.

Thank you for coming to visit me...I treasure your friendship and love your comments!



Sunday, September 1, 2013


Sharon (Communing with Fabric) and I have been promising the results of our most recent challenge for WEEKS now, and I think she finished hers at least 7 days ago. I was stymied by only 3 of 5 zippers I needed, and had to wait till the zipper lady returned.

So, our latest challenge was to use a crinkly, embossed raincoat fabric that Sharon bought for US at Fabrix in San Francisco.

I wanted to use a very special RiRi zipper, so I picked a pattern with FIVE zippers...KwikSew 3764...AKA MOTO! Here she is, folks...

I had, of course, made this before,...

I lined it with a printed silk twill I had in the stash (nothing fabulous like Sharon used)

and think I'll love it when our weather changes (hot and humid every day, lately).

We had our usual good time doing the sew-along...lots of phone calls, texts, complaints, etc...it really is a fun thing to do. We get glimpses of each other's work, but don't see the final piece till we post on our blogs.

Be sure to go look at Sharon's Jacket!

Didja notice my new glasses? Matchy-Matchy!

Meanwhile, while I waited for the zippers

I did some more cooking from the Ottolenghi books, asking my friend Joan to dinner so I would have an excuse to try more recipes (as if I needed an excuse!)

OMG, people, this was fabulous! If I do say so myself... I also made Sweet Corn Polenta with Eggplant Sauce again, and for dessert, Cardamom Panna Cotta with Honeyed Figs

not only was this delicious, it gave me an excuse (there's that word again) to buy some cunning Weck Jars to serve it in. At this rate, I'll have to change the
name of my blog to Fool4Fabric'nFood....

Here's a close up of another Charlotte Valestra piece I love...

and here's a photo for the Style Crone's Monthly Hat Attack...

The hat is a marvelous one brought to me from South Africa by a friend; the neckpiece is another one by Charlotte Valestra.

Now I MUST get back to the MOB jacket...no more excuses! and it's 5 weeks from yesterday...