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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Two weeks from Saturday, a countdown for sure! MOB outfit is finished, last WWWWW (wedding work weekend, etc) over, I won't see the worker bees till a few days before the wedding!

Positions for the wedding arch were set...

mirrored garlands were placed in the oak tree

(Mirrored garland placer extraordinaire...)

I supervised in my NEW SHOES...

Table decorations, lanterns, favors, all lovingly crafted by friends on many "craft nights" in Los Angeles...

I did my usual "Keep those workers fed" ...

Breakfast, courtesy of Dave

Burmese umbrella lights...

yummy Indian colors...

The B2B drinking OJ

Kelly in her matching kimono...

General Kelly, preparing to motivate the troops

Breakfast chef, Dave...

Dessert one night, walnut and fresh-figs-from-the-garden cake...

The redwood grove where the ceremony will take place...

Where the sun will be during the ceremony (4 PM)

My sewing activities were focused on making slip-covers for outdoor furniture out of wonderful, hard-to-sew Sunbrella...now, my time is devoted to all the little details that are required to make this production  wedding a success!

See you when it's over!


  1. What fun to see the preps for the big day!

  2. And WHAT a wedding it will be!!!!!

  3. SO exciting, Margy! I LOVE your supervisory shoes!! The decorations, the site, the setting... it all looks fabulous.

    But, are you telling me that you grow FIGS?!?!?!? One of my favoritist foods EVER?!?!? Wow, that is pretty cool...

    I can't wait to see the reveal post, after the wedding!

  4. Even from here...this is all so exciting! I can't wait to see the "after" posts!

  5. Having no children of my own this is so exciting to watch. Just love this process!

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  7. What a beautiful day this will be. Enjoy!

  8. I'm getting excited, Margy! It has been such fun watching all the preparations. You and Dave must be exhausted :-) Everything is looking lovely, the mirror garlands are a wonderful idea.

  9. Good luck to all! The rapidly approaching date must be pretty exciting, but the shoes will kick it off quite well :) ~Mary Beth

  10. It's going to be perfect! Can't wait to see your MOB outfit. I'm sure it will be as beautiful as you.

  11. Wow!! It will be wonderful! :) Hope you all have fun!

  12. Everything is beautiful! The mirrored garland is breathtaking!!!

  13. Margy, what a special day this is going to be! I love it that you've designed and made so many of the table decs - and the mirrored garlands are amazing! Lots of love and care showing up in these preparations!

    All the best to the happy bride - hope it's a day your family will always cherish! Can't wait to see the pics :)

  14. Stuck in a hotel near the Detroit airport because I missed my flight yesterday, but saw a notification about this blog. I am so heartened to see how my future mom and dad in law have worked so hard to make our wedding beautiful. This has completely made my day. Long distance hugs! Love, David

  15. A wonderful location amidst family and friends - perfect. Enjoy the day and we all look forward to seeing the outfits!

  16. Such detailed planning will definitely make for a once in a lifetime day! Enjoy ... J

  17. Wedding preparations looking great....but those polka dot shoes are best of all!!

  18. And the count down begins. I hope you all enjoy every minute!

  19. It's going to be BEAUTIFUL and I can't WAIT to see photos! Enjoy!

  20. You do realize no guest will ever go home? So beautiful!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  21. I hope that your daughter has a beautiful day for her wedding...that she remembers all of the little things of her very special day and that you and her family have a great time! Enjoy and take lots of pictures...cause you know we're nosy and want to see everything!

  22. It's so much fun peeking behind the scenes. Thanks for taking the time during ahectic time to share with all of us.

  23. I'm sure, by the looks of these beautiful photos, that the wedding celebration will be magical and very special. Have a wonderful day as 'Mother of the Bride.'

  24. Thanks for your nice comment on my new dress. During our phone chats S has told me a little about your healthy lifestyle and I am leaving for a walk now. Thanks for being such a good example for us "senior" sewers! Peg

  25. Thank you so much for sharing your wedding process! I love seeing all that goes into the celebration! Everything here seems magical and love filled. I wait with baited breath... to see the final reveal. Wishing you time to savor and enjoy!

  26. Perfect title to read for today...."Coming Up For Air"!!!
    I too, have a daughter who is getting married Oct. 5th!!
    It's my first....wedding to prepare for....and am I a bit nervous
    is putting it mildly!!
    Can't wait to see your MOB outfit.
    Had to purchase mine.....as I knew I'm not the master seamstress
    I should be just yet to see something so monumental through to
    it's completion!!!
    Happy Wedding Wishes to you!!
    Take care!

  27. Me Again!!!
    Thought I'd share a MOB story with ya!!
    It's hilarious...that is of course if you
    haven't already read this one!!!


    Jennifer’s wedding day was fast approaching. Nothing could dampen her excitement — not even her parent’s nasty divorce.

    Her mother had found the PERFECT dress to wear and would be the best-dressed mother-of-the-bride ever!

    A week later, Jennifer was horrified to learn that her father’s new young wife had bought the exact same dress as her mother!

    Jennifer asked her father’s new young wife to exchange it, but she refused.
    ‘Absolutely not, I look like a million bucks in this dress, and I’m wearing it,’ she replied.
    Jennifer told her mother who graciously said, ‘Never mind sweetheart. I’ll get another dress. After all, it’s your special day.’

    A few days later, they went shopping and did find another gorgeous dress.
    When they stopped for lunch, Jennifer asked her mother, ‘Aren’t you going to return the other dress? You really don’t have another occasion where you could wear it.

    Her mother just smiled and replied, “Of course I do, dear.
    I’m wearing it to the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.”

  28. Many many blessings to you and the family. Your photos and stories are so full of love and joy.

  29. such an exciting time for you - looks like it will be a wonderful event can't wait to see the picture. Have a beautiful time.

  30. Happy wedding day tomorrow. I hope all goes smoothly and it's a wonderful fun filled day celebrating with family and friends.

  31. Just stopping by to leave a little love for you and yours on this grand day! It has been such a delight following along with the preparations... I am in full anticipation for your sharing of the gorgeous results!