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Monday, April 15, 2013


We're here in the airport, waiting for our 1AM flight; I've been doing a little research about the status of the Internet in Iran, and discovered that Gmail, Facebook and Google, among others, have been blocked for TWO YEARS. And just last month, the Iranian government put in place some software that makes using VPN's impossible...so, it very much looks like I won't be posting till May 6th, when we come back. Yikes!

See you later!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A post from Istanbul

See it at my travel blog, WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE WE http://wf4t.blogspot.com/2013/04/an-istanbul-interlude.html

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's in the Suitcase? Iran 4/13

I'm half-packed and checking off my to-do list; we leave home tomorrow at mid-day. Here's what's wound up in my suitcase:

The Eileen Fisher pants are lightweight and roll up easily in the suitcase; the gray jeans I blogged about here (M6405), and the red jeans are NYDJ in a ponte knit.

The long white shirt is a Travelsmith rayon/poly blend which I've had for at least 8 years; it's long enough and opaque enough that I will be able to wear it as a "Manteau" when it's hot.

My silver vest, which I blogged about here, is going; after my vest fiasco last week, I added additional interior pockets to this and will enjoy wearing it.

The silk tee and lightweight black turtleneck are old-standbys RTW.

I decided to take 5 "manteaux"; these seemed to be the most practical and versatile of the 8 I had to choose from.

Shoes...always hard for me to whittle down are these:

Clockwise, my red Trippens, black patent Dansko sandals, ECCO walking sandals, red Arche flats and black/silver Arche flats. All VERY comfortable and easy to walk in.

I added velcro strips to two more scarves, to add to the one I made here...

These are both scarves I bought in India some time ago and will give me a few
options for my ever-present head gear!

I have no idea if I will have internet access in Iran; the company we're going with  says not to count on either cell phone or internet access. What an adventure!

If I'm able to post on my travel blog, I will post here with a link.

Bye bye...."see" you in May!

Monday, April 8, 2013


Back in October, I posted  a picture of the suggested travelwear for women going to Iran.

I mentioned at the time that I was taking it as a challenge to come up with a travel wardrobe which allowed me to maintain "my look" while still respecting the culture and its rules. I also wanted, as always, to wear clothing that I will wear at home; no "travel-only" clothes for me!

Here are the candidates that have made the first cut...all of them have appeared in my blog at one time or another.

Japanese Cotton, lots of pockets, inside and out...details here

Ikat-printed denim, lined with polka-dots and lots of pockets...details here

Cotton/silk blend printed ikat print; lightweight, details here...

The first specific "Manteau", a rayon brocade I blogged about here...

The second "Manteau", made of a tone-on-tone printed ponte, details here...

"Manteau" #3, using a hand-dyed shibori cotton, blogged here...

"Manteau" #4, complete with scarf, in a cotton-stretch print, details here...

And the 4th "Manteau", in red stretch denim with cotton ikat trim, here...

So, 8 candidates...I'm not sure how many will be chosen; that is what I will be
deciding in the next few days, putting together outfits, choosing accessories, etc.  That's the fun part!

Stay tuned for "What's in the Suitcase" in a few days!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

One more...and it's RED!

Much to my disappointment, the gray checked manteau I showed in my last post didn't make the lineup:

so, of course, I had to make another...

It's V7854, OOP. I made View A, and used a zipper instead of hooks and eyes.
The denim, I think, came from Hancocks, and the black and white striped ikat came from B&J Fabrics. It's pretty basic, and probably looks better open, over a tank or tee, but it'll do for Iran.
I'm in the process of deciding on my final travel wardrobe, so this will be a brief post. I DID make a vest with pockets; however, my choice of fabrics was not wise and it ended up in the wadder pile...