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Friday, January 24, 2014


Here is the REST of the story...

I have sewn 3 items of clothing recently...this is the jacket that I made for, and during, the workshop that Shams led several weeks ago...

It's M6293, OOP, which Shams made, that inspired the workshop. See hers here:

I totally fell in love with this jacket and her amazing recycling job for the Fabric Mart Challenge. I used the same pattern, but changed it a little. One of the things I wanted to learn at the workshop was how to do the spiral piped sleeves.

The fabrics I used were ones from my stash from long ago. I lined it in a silver lame rayon from Emma One Sock. I have gotten quite used to using luxurious fabrics for linings, even if no one sees them but me!

The pants I'm wearing are another Lola Pant from Style Arc. They are in a drapey rayon/Tencel gabardine and are very nice in this fabric.

I also made a little tunic in my TNT M6607 at the workshop...I needed a pop of color!

The fabric is a burn-out velvet from Harts Fabric's online store.

I'll leave you with some more photos from our Amazon trip...

One of the most beautiful parts of the trip was going down a "black water" tributary in our little skifs...the water, which is very rich in minerals, is black as can be and acts as a perfect mirror for the banks and the sky. I think I could spend a lot of quiet time there...

We enjoyed beautiful sunsets from the deck...

On a side trip into a small town, we took a "tuk-tuk" ride to see the sights, including this beautiful small market

Here is my "great jungle hunter"... looking at

giant banyan roots...

Enormous lily pads...

and amazing pendulous birds' nests...

The fruit was delicious AND beautiful...

The meals were perfection...

 and Edgar, the bartender, was ready to fulfill any request!

This is us, at dinner, the last night on the boat. Goodbye, lovely luxurious cruise!

Today is our 38th wedding anniversary, so we're off (me in my new duds) for a 
special dinner.


ETA: I'm back on Visible Monday this weekend...thanks to Patti for hosting it!


  1. Happy anniversary! And those lily pads are glorious.

  2. What an amazing job on that jacket! The sleeves are so unique. I love that you use fancy linings - that's one of my favourite things.

    Happy anniversary! Fabulous photos.

  3. Margy, your finished jacket is perfection!

    And those photos of the Amazon... Aye carumba, how beautiful!!

  4. Oh that jacket is a work of art! I love the sleeves and the asymmetrical closure. Your Amazon trip looks absolutely amazing...adventures with good food and drinks are my favorite kind! ;-)

  5. Wow! Your jacket is so gorgeous. I'm in love with the sleeves and more than a little awed that made it.

    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy anniversary! I think your jacket is so much more attractive and certainly much more chic! Hugs to you both!

  7. Beautiful jacket!. I would like to know what kind of birds build nests like that. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Happy anniversary! What a great achievement. I love the wrap piping on the jacket and the asymmetrical front.

    A great adventure trip - with a little luxury!

  9. Happy Anniversary Margy! I now have to learn how to wrap pipe a sleeve - a fabulous pop to any jacket.

  10. Happy Anniversary! I really loved looking at your Amazon pictures.

  11. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing the rest of the Amazon trip pictures with us!

  12. What a great jacket! And thanks for including more Amazon photos. I love armchair traveling.
    Happy Anniversary, you two lovebirds!

  13. Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you enjoyed a lovely dinner and evening! Your Amazon cruise sounds magical. The stillness, and the beauty of the region would be so inspiring!

    Seeing your rendition, as well as Sham's, of this pattern is eye opening. I flip through pattern books and try and imagine pieces sewn with my fabric choices, on my self...and it can be challenging to come up with a finished garment that has the wow factor. Both of your jackets have the WOW factor here. They are fabulous. I love the sleeves, and that looks like Sham's creative talent there. No indication on the pattern about spiraled sleeves. How wonderful that you have a sewing community that gets together!

  14. Congratulations, Margy & DH! You are inspiration to me.

  15. COVET that jacket! COVET!!! Great photos of your trip too, and Happy Anniversary! :)

  16. Love that jacket! The piping, the lining….fab. Beautiful Amazon photos. You have the bestest life! :)

  17. Such unusual but effective detailing the sleeve with the spiral piping - love it!

  18. That jacket is fantastic! Makes me want to really get into sewing, but then I remember how frustrated I get because I'm not really patient enough. But I love that asymmetric pattern, and I like the way you used the prints.

    Thanks for sharing the Amazon pictures!

  19. What a wonderful adventure you had - that's the way to do it! I really like your detailed jacket too - so smart. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  20. So much fun in this post...I love the pictures. But, I have to say those top jackets are awesome...such a stylish, flattering fit. Great job!

  21. Fantastic images and the picture of fruits reminds me of home (same geographical location with Brazil) :) I think I saw 'petai' there too (the green long bean look a like) which is strange.. we categorize it as vegetable back home, so seeing it in the fruit basket is new :)

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai UAE

  22. First, Happy Anniversary to the two of you! That's a lovely photo of you together.
    The power of nature in the Amazon would make me feel so small, in a good way though.
    And you skills at asymmetry are inspiring. Funny that when I sew sleeves or pantlegs they often come out spirally even without the piping. Luxurious fabrics inside are great for Mona Lisa smiles outside.

  23. I just adore that spiral piping! Lovely jacket. And what a fun set of photos to experience the amazon. Looks like you had a lovely time. You're very inspiring. I dream of many travels.

  24. Margy … you are Always such an inspiration … and a gorgeous and perfectly chic one at that! Your true artistry and supreme craftsmanship with sewing … to your zest for living and adventurous spirit! Every time I visit your space … I leave in absolute awe! Thank you so my dear!

  25. Hi Margy
    I'm a fellow textile/sewing enthuiast-
    LOVE THE JACKET-I know Shams- she's an inspiration!

  26. Oh, what a lovely post! You are just the most gorgeous woman, your taste is spot on and your talent is enormous. I'm inspired by you and all the sewing-smart girls... need some simple spring skirts and I'll never find what I want here. Time to look for fabric!