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Sunday, June 1, 2014


SO glad to be home after 2 weeks on the road! We flew to Chicago for four days:

Beautiful spring plantings in full bloom...

The Trump Tower.....

View from the John Hancock building (which did not crack while we were there,
for which I'm very grateful)

Cloudgate, or "The Bean"....by Anish Kapoor, one of my favorite artists...

We joined Patti Ferguson and her husband, Norm, for an exceptional concert by
pianist Emanuel Ax, and a reception to meet the artist, afterwards...

We also went with Patti and Norm on a fantastic architectural boat tour with
their friend Harry, who is a wonderful docent.

Norm, Harry, moi and Dave...it was one of the highlights of the trip!

We rented a car and drove south, Kansas City being our interim goal. I made
a "pilgrimage" to Asiatica, that wonderful shop that I have gotten tantalizing postcards and emails from forever...I was curious to see if the shop was as 
fabulous as it looked...

It is, and I got to meet Elizabeth, the owner, and the "eye" who finds such glorious fabrics and items.

I also got an early birthday present from DH...

After Kansas City, it was family time...we drove to Des Moines where oldest 
grandson was running in the State track finals.

We took oldest daughter, oldest grandchild and her husband out for dinner.
Next day we drove to Pella, where DS lives with his wife and 5 children. Besides a successful run, GS was also graduating from High School AND having a
birthday, so there was a lot to celebrate.

and here is the birthday dinner!

So, the clothes...

This is B5954 in a pretty knit from my local fabric store. It has hardly been off my back since I made it...

This is M5433, an OOP pattern which I have made too many times to count, also
in a knit from local fabric store.

and finally, these pants, StyleArc Lola, in a just-the-right-shade-of-gray linen
to go with my striped tee I bought in Santa Fe...

The linen was purchased several years ago from Marcy Tilton.

I'm joining both "Visible Monday", where Patti of Not Dead Yet Style welcomes lots of visible women,
AND "Hat Attack", where the beautiful Judith of Style Crone gives us a monthly opportunity to
show what hats are in our closets...



  1. Sounds like such a nice celebration trip and love your print tee and knit jacket. They are so you!


  2. I live in Chicago and don’t have photos as wonderful as yours. Whirlwind trip with so much fun!

  3. All of those tops are just fabulous!!

  4. Thanks for a peek at your trip to Chicago and Iowa! I love all of the clothing that you took, and that fabulous Asiatica necklace! (It sounds like Kansas City is worth a visit...)

  5. Do love your black and white swing top,can understand why it's a favourite :) Thanks also for the lovely holiday snaps - I really enjoy seeing 'real people' travel snaps to get some sense of what a location is like.

  6. Your boat tour sounds wonderful. I love looking at and learning about architecture! Love your tunic top. The fabric is perfect for it. Your new red necklace is something special, too. Thanks for the link to Asiatica. They have a good website for drooling.
    Sounds like it was a busy and fun trip!

  7. B5954 is very attractive Margy! Love the closeup photo of you wearing it! Dots and stripes together! Wahoo!

    Your holiday photos are great, and it looks like the weather treated you kindly! Now, if you're at all like me...you've picked up all kinds of inspiration while enjoying your time away! I'll bet you're in your studio right now!

  8. Love your clothes as always and what a wonderful family get together.

  9. Great trip, Margy! The view from the Hancock center is scarily awesome. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  10. So glad we were able to spend some time with you and Dave! You are welcome to come back anytime!

  11. What a whirlwind trip and you managed to look like a style icon through it all!

  12. Oh my gosh, love that black and white coat! So chic.
    Dawn Lucy
    Fashion Should Be Fun

  13. Oh my, thanks for the Asiatica link!

  14. Thanks for taking us along on your travel adventure and for sharing your fabulous chapeau with Hat Attack! I adore the photo of you in your new gifted glasses!

  15. Those flowers are gorgeous! Garden envy here :) Love your black and white top - that's terrific! As usual, you look stylish and chic...don't know how you do it. Love that necklace, too. Sounds like a very special time!

  16. Oh my dear … you are forever a style and 'life' inspiration!


  17. Oh, what a wonderful journey full of family, friends, big events, wonderful memories...thanks so much for sharing, Margy. And glad you're home safely.

  18. This was like a trip through my previous life. An Illinois native, I taught for two years near Chicago, that fabulous city, and spent many years in southern Iowa, toddling back and forth between Des Moines, Pella, and especially Kansas City. Asiatica is of course the perfect match for your style. Thanks, Margy!

  19. I will always admire your wonderful eye for fabric and silhouette, and for your extreme skills. How beautiful you are with your friends and huz! Thank you for the mini tour. I made a quick solo trip to Chicago, years ago, just to see the John Singer Sargent show at the art museum, and have not been able to get back. Someday!

  20. I love your style! That knit swing top is so adorable. thanks for sharing

  21. Wow, your sewing skills are fantastic and I love your choice of tops and jackets. I must follow you! I just started sewing, in my 50's no less. So I better work hard! Today I'm just starting on pillow slip covers but my goal is to be able to make tunic tops for myself someday.

    Nice to meet you!

  22. I can't believe you got the elusive Patti F. to take a picture! Glad you had a wonderful time in Chicago, as well as with your children and grandchildren!

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  24. From concerts to track races, you look as stylish as ever! Love the photos.

  25. I have never been to Chicago, and loved the travel photo essay. Beautiful city, and beautiful family...