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Monday, December 14, 2015


I finally got my sewing mojo back, and made this wool vest

It's V1453, a Sandra Bettina design which I made in black taffeta back in 
August, and loved wearing in Portugal. This fabric is an interesting sweater knit from Marcy Tilton, black, red and gray, and perfect for my color scheme.

It also has a wonderful striped selvedge that called for a little design tweaking.
I did not use darts in this version, although I think I may go back and put them in...the vest is a little too boxy as is. I added some "memory wire" in four channels in the collar, so I can adjust it  as I want. That's something I'll do again.
The weight is fairly substantial; I washed it before sewing, but it didn't seem to
shrink any. We're having some cold weather finally, so it will be worn.

As will this, a RTW faux fur vest from Loft in charcoal gray. I've wanted a faux fur vest for a long time...I have several pieces of fabric in my stash, but I finally
gave myself permission to pass on sewing faux fur, just like I won't sew any
more King-sized duvet covers!

I'm wearing it over one of my moto jackets, KS 3764, which you can see here and here.

I'm looking forward to one of my favorite holiday parties on Friday; I will finally have a chance to wear my Mother-of-the-Bride outfit again. 

In final happy news, I have a new car after 10 years...it's a "Smart Car" and I'm having fun learning how to take advantage of all the bells and whistles!



  1. Nice vests but a bit too lofty for my figure. You look chic in them and like your interesting use of the selvedge. Karen

  2. Very clever of you to incorporate the selvedge into the design! It looks great. I like the faux fur vest too.

  3. I LOVE your second rendition of the Betzina vest even more than the first! The selvedge looks really great as a design detail! And your LOFT fur vest looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Oh, I just love the things you sew! The vests are wonderful. I have had a large piece of faux fur for a couple years and I'm scared to touch it. Such fur flying when sewn. Like you, I have a RTW jacket instead. And love the wired collar. My mom used to use hanger wire in the brims of the very large hats she made as a young woman in the 40's. Why not?!

  5. Love your vest and how you used the selvedge. Gorgeous!

  6. New car, what fun! Love the self made vest. Great use of the fabric.

  7. Lovely vests, and a great call on not sewing faux fur. It's awful to work with.

    Congrats on becoming a member of the Smart car "club". I adore mine (his name is Rueben) and I'm certain you will fall more in love as you get to know it/him/her.

  8. Both excellent vests. I'm happy you got your sewing mojo back. Mine keeps playing hide and seek - SO ANNOYING! I love how you put memory wire in the collar for distinctive styling. And faux fur, I love love love it. This one is definitely a winner. It'll keep you growl-y and warm. Mmm.

  9. wonderful vest & use of selvage - I especially like the tip on using memory wire in the collar. love your faux fur vest, too - fun!!!
    (all of your wardrobe is fun, that's why I like it!)

  10. Beautiful - Very nice fabric and good marriage of fabric and pattern

  11. Terrific vests! They both look fabulous on you.

  12. Beautiful vest! I would not have "seen" your vest in that pattern. Just gorgeous!

  13. I love your sewing feats. Even though I don't sew and never will, there's something about your work that feels inspirational to me.

  14. Margy, what wonderful additions to your wardrobe. I really love that sweater knit vest, and of course the wild faux fur is so much fun.

  15. Mmmmm wire in a collar - brilliant idea! And perfect vests too......

  16. Looking fabulous in your creations, as always! Congratulations on your new car. Sounds like fun, which is always a good thing!

  17. Lovely vests - very you. I would say the same of a Smart car! I had one for about five years and loved it. They encourage naughtiness so be warned 😉

  18. Could you give some extra information about the memory wire Margy? I make jewlery once in a while and have memory wire but is this the same thing? I'm thinking about my memory wire and it stays in the round both in necklace and bracelet type. Can't get my head around using it in sewing, but I'd love to learn more.
    Love your style and your outfits are always awesome and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
    Patti Moore

    1. Hi, Patti...the memory wire I used is plastic and covered with thin fabric. I inserted it in "channels" I made with bias tape. Marcy Tilton carries it on her site

      Thanks for the nice comments!

    2. Thanks for the explanation about the memory wire. Your sewing always inspires me. I am glad I live all across the country from you so I can copy some of your great ideas and maybe no one will notice!!

  19. Thanks so much! I just got a look at Marcy's new site and some things seem to be missing! Overall nice improvements tho.