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Sunday, May 29, 2016


It was never my intent, but I seem to have taken the month of May off! The last few weeks have been busy with houseguests and family, a little sewing, and some cleanup in the studio.

I drove down to Los Angeles for the day, to celebrate both Maggie's birthday and Mothers' Day. We enjoyed lunch at a new restaurant downtown and caught up on news...(and took selfies)

I spent several days on what was to be a  new jacket, from a new-to-me Independent pattern designer

I used a fabric I have sewn before, a four-ply Taslan in a particularly beautiful
gray (you can't tell from the picture, but it has a little green in it, just enough to make it interesting)

HOWEVER...my attemps at using this fabric have been, for the most part, failures. It has no stretch whatsoever, and except for a pair of loose pants I made for Joan many years ago, I have struck out. As I did on this jacket. Pattern to fabric matching not so good!  I abandoned the wadder in my studio and left for a week!

Our grandson Caleb and two of his buddies from Iowa made a quick road trip
after finals and before summer jobs to visit us. They were such fun, lovely boys/young men, we really enjoyed their time with us. They went to the beach a lot, to nearby Vandenberg Air Force base to see the missile launchers, and to
Morro Bay to do some kayaking. (Hey, it was early in the morning!)

Maggie and David came up to see the boys and we had a "farewell" dinner before they left...

My friend Joan returned from a glorious plein aire painting trip in Tuscany with
a side jaunt to Menorca, and we had dinner to catch up.

Then, my dear friend Willie came by for a few days en route to her family in LA,
and we, as always, had much to catch up on...

So...back to our "normal" life...I am making a raincoat for Paris in a beautiful

using V8934 but trying the collar and detachable hood from the Tosti jacket above.

Wish me luck!

ANNNNNND:  This woman I know has a Blue Roan English Cocker Spaniel named Karma,
who gave birth to SEVEN little boys a week ago...6 of them blue roan, one blue roan and tan...

and I get a picture every day of the pups and see how they're growing...ANNNNNNNND
one of them has our name on it...stay tuned!

I'm off to VISIBLE MONDAY to join up with the highly visible women who frequent Patti's site...come take a look!



  1. Phew! You have been so so busy! I bet your Rancho Gordo bean club beans are piling up, as are mine. :) I enjoy the photo catch up and that raincoating is gorgeous!!!

  2. I love the raincoat fabric as well! Looking forward to the finished product.

  3. Love that Karma has produced a puppy for you!

  4. Where did you get the raincoat fabric? I like it.

  5. {{Me clapping gleefully}} Sweet Paddy will be pleased! It's too bad that the new coat pattern didn't work out. Hopefully you'll be up to giving it another go in the future.

  6. Oh, I am in deep love with those baby boys! Which one did you choose? I can actually smell those sweet tummies, feel those soft ears and feet....and puppy breath-how can anything smell so bad and so wonderful at the same time?!?!?

  7. Such handsome young men - Oooh! What fun to have them stop by. And I'm afraid if you plopped me into that wingback chair I wouldn't want to get out of it again. It looks like Italy agreed with Joan. And that's a great candid shot with Willie.
    I know your coat for Paris will turn out spectacularly! How can it not after the gray-green disappointment?
    And puppies? OOOOH puppies! I'm melting!

  8. Oh, I can't forget Maggie! I'm glad you could spend time celebrating together as well. Great selfie.

  9. Hi, I usually just read.....but so glad you're getting a puppy....we lost our Riley (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) and plan to get a new puppy in Sept after all of our trips are over....wonderful news!

  10. I am so happy to hear you also have been busy with family and friends...so much to do and no time to blog! Love the black red raincoating-it will be perfect for your Paris trip.

    As for the puppies...oh, yes! They are so cute. We can exchange stories about puppy antics.

  11. Thrilled to see a new puppy is coming your way. Looking forward to your new raincoat. I'll be making one after October so want to see what you do as I love your inspiration. Have a wonderful June.