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Sunday, May 4, 2014


I'm still enjoying the wonderful "meet-up" in Santa Fe last weekend...seven wonderful fiberly types came from all over the US to meet, some of us for the first time "in the flesh", and to spend four days together, visiting fabric shops, visiting retail shops,
seeing the sights,

and having a glorious time.

Are we having fun yet?

Such a warm, welcoming group with LOTS to talk about...

pictures to share

purchases to show and tell

One of the highlights of the trip was getting to hang out with my good friend Sharon, from Communing with Fabric blog. (By the way, many of the pictures I'm showing were from her camera...we took so many and shared most of them, so I've forgotten exactly which ones she took...)I KNOW I took this one...

Sharon and I talk and text almost every day, but we don't get to hang out that much, which is too bad, as we ALWAYS have fun together...

We did a lot of "snoop shopping"...I had the exquisite pleasure of trying on a
dozen Issey Miyake pieces which were fantastic...and WAY out of my price range. We met a darling young saleswoman at Santa Fe Dry Goods, Bethany, who encouraged our frenzy, kept bringing us pieces to try on, then patiently buttoned/zipped them up and returned them to the rack. Yea, Bethany!

I got to try on some of my other favorite designers, too...Uma Wang, Dries van Noten

look at these SHOOZ! OMG, I had to put a padlock on my purse! I did buy another  pair of Fly London sandals...

(Sharon bought them in mustard...we switched out the ugly khaki shoe laces...
we are very much each other's enablers....)

I also loved this Dries van Noten belt, but I would wear it as a necklace

I bought a cute Babette cotton/linen jacket and mesh tee...

I LOVE the placement of the stripes...

Sharon and I took off for Canyon Road in Santa Fe on Sunday...we enjoyed the galleries and outdoor art

 Look at those fantastic Santa Fe colors...and check out my new purse...that had my name on it!

Beautiful antique baskets and weavings...

and an installation of one of my favorite artists, Christina Chalmers.

As we walked along Canyon Road, it got colder and colder...

what we thought were falling petals turned into SNOW, so we ran into the
TeaHouse to get out of the snow and eat lunch.

They had a lovely fire in the fireplace which helped our mood (as did the wine....) But then, we had to walk back to the hotel...

SO much fun!

I had started a black shirt/jacket before I left for Santa Fe...I just finished it yesterday. It's my TNT B5526 made out of a Babette fabric from Fabrix in San Francisco

I lengthened the shirt and added a stiffly ruffled collar

and am wearing it with my new "ink-spattered" pants from my last post

I can't help show casing my beautiful roses...

Thank you for hanging in for this long, long post! I will be joining in on the
Visible Monday post over on Not Dead Yet Style a little later this afternoon, thanks to our hostess, Patti.


P.S.   I can't help but show this picture of MicMac and Paddywack, finding their
places in the sun, in my closet...


  1. Fun, fun, fun! Nothing like getting together with your sewing pals! But boy does it look cold.

    Love the long black shirt, Margie!

  2. Lovely post and seems like a lot of fun! That belt/necklace looks fab on you, especially with the red glasses! And your pets in the sun look very cute.

  3. So joyful, it's great to see all the happy faces. Love those new sandals, too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  4. It was SO wonderful to meet you!!!!

  5. How much fun! I love Santa Fe and meeting up with friends...looks like a great time! I really like the last outfit you wore here!!

  6. What an adventure! Looks like so much fun. And Santa Fe seems perfect for you.

  7. That looks like so much fun! Wow, snow! I love the pictures of your furry fam.

  8. What a great time for all of you. Wish I could have been there

  9. Oh Margy, this sounds like such fun! Sewing pals are the best :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. To rephrase - I love your black and white jacket. I'm also a fan of black/red/white combinations. So glad all had a great time.

  11. I'm sure that you had a wonderful time since I've met several of those lovely ladies. Santa Fe really showed out for you with sun and snow and an amazing assortment of RTW stores, fabric stores and wonderful artwork! Thanks for sharing the trip with us!

  12. Oooh, serious girlfriend jealousy here. What a fun time you recounted! Thanks for sharing all these inspiring and joyful photos.
    I love the Babette jacket you purchased. Masterful placement of stripes. And the shirt/jacket you made is so stylish with the sophisticated fabric and ruffled collar you added. Great job!

  13. Thanks so much for sharing Santa Fe with me. The gallery day sounds divine. Your new black shirt is totally darling!

  14. Did you visit Manitou Gallery on Canyon Road? My dad's spring show was last week, opening Friday night.
    I have never shopped for fabric in Santa Fe, but I will now!

  15. Loved reading about your trip and seeing the pictures...both yours and Sham's....so much fun! Of all the pictures, the one I like the best is your fur babies in the sun...sweet!!!

  16. I just loved reading about this trip - you look adorable in those pants! Some time in Santa Fe with sewing pals sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

  17. Ohhh Margy - I hate you all!! Santa Fe is one of my favorite places on earth, AND to get to hang out with cool sewing ladies? Boo. ;-)

    Loved your pix and story - you all looked so happy to be together. Yay for sewing sisters!

  18. Thank you!! I loved this long long Post! We see.. you had a good time!

  19. Love, love, love all the pictures. What a blessing it is to be with ones you cherish!

  20. Sounds like you all had a great time! Nice purchases too.

  21. A great recap of a great trip, Margy! I loved spending time with you! (And what a great group!)

    That black top is perfection! The ruffled collar really sets off your neckline.

    And that pic of your animals in the closet. LOLOL.

  22. Sounds like such a good time. Thanks for sharing the pictures. You ladies know how to have fun.

  23. Joyful friends, art and shopping. My idea of heaven. What great memories you'll have for always.

  24. Joyful friends, art, shopping and shoozzzzz! That's my idea of heaven.

  25. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Santa Fe is one of my most favorite places in the world--that I've been to, of course! My first trip to Santa Fe was 1966! I've been many times since then. It has changed A LOT in the years since then.

  26. You have such style!!!!!love everything you wear and create. Santa Fe is so beautiful I see you had lots of fun hanging out friends

  27. Isn't Santa Fe fun! I missed you by about a week. I understand the concept of "putting a padlock on one's purse." So many seductive items! You and your friends look very happy and vibrant.

    I am in love with your stiffly ruffled collar!

  28. Love, love, love your choice in glasses, especially the red ones. So great! Look forward to following you. Found you on visible mondays. Cherie at stylenudge.com

  29. What a wonderful trip! And I adore the sandals. Thank you for sharing so many pics, had no idea Santa Fe is so charming.

  30. What a fun trip! Love the things you found - that purse is awesome! As always, I always love your long 'shirts'...and this black is no exception! The fabric is wonderful. I need to try this pattern as I've had it in my library ever since I saw a post where you'd used it. Love the ruffled color you added, too. Happy sewing with your sidekicks...they look very happy in the sun.

    PS...The roses are beautiful! They look like a David Austin climber I had in SC...hated to leave those behind.

  31. I'd love to visit Santa Fe. Your beaded necklace and new jacket are stunning.

  32. looks like it was a great weekend, nothing beats spending it with good friends

  33. Santa Fe is on my *must visit* list! And now it's moved closer to the top of the list! You gals clearly had a great time, and I enjoyed seeing your, Sham's, photos! And what fun to be modeling some designer makes, although your own makes are worthy of being sold in the same shops!

  34. You are so inspiring. I can feel the love you all shared in those photos. And how divine are the bright royal blue and sand/terracotta together against your red/black/white? AMAZING! Thank you for sharing. I feel like I got to be there with you. :)