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Sunday, November 2, 2014


As I may have mentioned, we are doing a little bit of renovation (there's no such thing as "a little renovation")...we are repainting our bedroom, dressing room and my office, and then putting in new wood flooring. The good news is that our kitchen, dining room and living room are still intact, and we are sleeping in our lovely guest house for three weeks until the work is done.

The bad news is that we had to move 1000+ books from our bookcase in the bedroom.

This is what happens when you have a degree in English Literature and rarely throw away books.

The whole area will be painted in Dunn Edwards Center Ridge....it's a medium
gray, neither blue nor brown.

The trim will remain an off white. The plaster walls have a "skip trowel" finish with a glaze, but this time we will do a simple paint coat.

This weekend we went up to the Cambria area (in Central California) where Dave was born and raised, to attend his high school reunion. It was a beautiful
day, after a little tiny rainstorm Friday night, so everything was sunny and glittery.  We stopped off in Pismo Beach for some oysters on the half shell (for Dave) and aFish Taco (for me). This is a blurry picture of me at the restaurant, but it'll qualify me for an appearance on Hat Attack, Judith of Style Crone's wonderful monthly opportunity to show off our hats.



  1. As much as I love books, I have to admit I'd be looking at that gorgeous wall of empty shelving and seriously think at least once, "I sure could store a lot of fabric (or even shoes) on those shelves."

  2. I need those book shelves, so I can have all of my books in one place! Also an English major, plus a sales rep for a publisher for 14 years. Lots of books!
    Love your hat, fuzzy or not.

  3. So is it going around? I'm painting, DaniBP is painting, Coulda Woulda Shoulda's been renovating for ages:). Anyway, with your sense of color, I'm sure it will be great.

  4. Your guest house does look lovely! That dark taupe color looks rich and restful. What a big project!

  5. Oh, what a nice hat!

    The color sounds lovely...I cannot really tell on my monitor if there is any blue. ??? I dithered for the longest time here in the new house and finally chose a cream with a touch of green called Sailcloth. I tried greys, browns, whites but nothing pleased me. Grey is my fave color for walls and it will look great in your house I'm sure. I needed something which would play well with the desert colors.

    I'm still coughing, but getting around a bit more :-)

  6. oh what a big job! The guest house is really lovely, but still, it is very disruptive to change the paint and the flooring. But the good news is that it will feel like a new space when you move back in, without actually moving.

  7. What I would do for such a wall of bookshelves!

  8. Sounds like a daunting project, but looking forward to seeing how your home looks upon completion. The perfect time to attend an event away from home. Your hat frames your face beautifully, and I love your glasses. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

  9. Ah, books and bookshelves! I have my own. I'm seriously trying to charity bin all the ones I don't want to read again, I know I will downsize in a few years. Thank God for Kindle.

  10. It is always such a treat to see glimpses into your beautiful life!

    I am so intrigued to know … what did you wear to the reunion?!


  11. How exciting to do a renovation. I confess that I love the smell of paint because it means something new is headed my way. Your bookshelves make me swoon knowing all the lovely books that nest in them. And your hat is film noir worthy. I just love that style.

  12. Oh I feel for you. We just went through having new windows installed in our bedroom as well as painting. I still haven't recovered. Looks like it's going to be so lovely once the project is finished.

  13. I cracked up at that parenthesized comment about there's no such thing as little renovations, to which I totally agree with by the way. Hahaha! Anyway, that's a lot of books. I also love collecting them and have tons in our home library, but I'd probably faint if I had to move all of them all by myself. Hahaha! I'm so excited to see how the renovations will look, so good luck with that. Thanks for sharing!

    Fred Richards @ SGK Home Solutions