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Sunday, November 16, 2014


I'm still in the thick of renovation...the painting is finished, the new flooring starts going in on Tuesday and I have been SHOPPING (mainly via the Internet)
24/7 (or so it feels...).

This is the paint color, although it doesn't look this brown on the walls...more green in it.

New bed (but not the headboard or footboard)...still looking for a headboard.

8x11 area rug....

New sheets and duvet covers...etc., etc., etc......

Meanwhile, we have moved the contents of our closets to the living room

and hope for no company in the next few days!

I treated myself to a very lovely Kantha Cloth Vest by Mieko Mintz...the link is to her wonderful website...such eye candy!

I took my friend Joan out for her birthday yesterday, and my vest had its debut...

It's totally reversible, light as a feather and something I'll wear a lot.

BTW, I'm also wearing my Danish outfit from Bitte Kai Rand. AND...the new funky bracelet is from Marirose who I discovered at Artistry in Fashion and told you about. I LOVE her work!

Maybe, just maybe, I'll get to spend the afternoon in my studio...my fabrics and my machines are calling to me!



  1. The vest is really beautiful!! Good luck on wrapping up the reno!

  2. Oh Margy, GORGEOUS!!!

    Oh, the vest is really beautiful too ;)

  3. Love, love the vest. All the rage right now, too. Your decor choices look very smart. That's going to be some kind of bedroom retreat!

  4. That vest is sooo beautiful on you!

  5. That vest is so gorgeous and unique! You wear it beautifully.

  6. You are so much more than just a sewist. Your makes are really beautiful pieces of art! I hope that when I grow up I have as much style and pizzazz as you!!

  7. Great outfit! And what fun to decorate the bedroom. Hopefully finished soon.

  8. Wow.... il like the vest , a wonderful fabric!

  9. Oh my goodness . . . the vest! Gorgeous, and you wear it very well. And the Danish outfit is elegant and fun at the same time!

  10. Thanks for the remodel update-you give me hope as I contemplate our next steps. Love that red vest!

  11. What a FABULOUS outfit! The new vest looks a work of art.

  12. You have A LOT going on right now! The vest is gorgeous!!

  13. I love the vest from Meiko Mintz. Gorgeous on you! Thanks for the links, which I am drooling over. And good luck with the renovation!

  14. Oh, I love the paintings in your living room.
    Your vest is incredible. I love the diamond-placed pocket, how it looks from the outside and inside, and the humongous collar. Your Danish outfit and bracelet are also wonderfully unique and beautiful.
    Good luck with your continuing renovations. Your bed choice gets two thumbs up here.

  15. Wow - beautiful vest in such a gorgeous vibrant color.