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Sunday, May 1, 2016


It's full-on spring; the flowers around my valley are in vibrant bloom and the sun is shining. I pulled out a wonderful Japanese Cotton fabric designed by Yoshiko Jinzenji, bought some time ago from Marcy Tilton...

It was so much fun to play with pattern placement on this fabric, particularly because I had a limited amount, so I had to be extra creative.

The pattern, once again, is Vogue 1453 by Sandra Betzina; since this is my 4th make, I guess it qualifies as a TNT...

Those little striped circles are "porthole pockets" lined with a black and white stripe remnant...

While I was making this, I listened to The Sympathizer, written by Viet Thanh
Nguyen, which just won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. It is beautifully written, somewhat difficult to listen to, due to the subject (the war in Viet Nam), and especially interesting to me, as I lived in Saigon for two years during the war, so many of the descriptions of places, and names were familiar to me.

Big news in our family...our granddaughter Stephanie gave birth to our first great-grandchild,
Amethyst Elizabeth...

Mother, father, grandmother and baby are all doing well!

Our next-door neighbor's farm stand is bursting out in all its glory...I made White Beans with
Broccoli Rabe (Rapini) and Lemon  the other night

and also Crispy Cauliflower with Capers, Raisins and Bread Crumbs, a favorite when the fresh cauliflower arrives.

I think this is my favorite time of year to cook, with all the beautiful young vegetables and fruits making their appearance. We're also enjoying baby potatoes, peas and radishes from Dave's garden.

Between Dave, me and our housekeeper, we keep Paddy's grave decorated with flowers all the time....

How we miss that beautiful boy...Thank you for all your kind wishes.

After I finished the vest, I dove into my stash in the studio and managed to cull at least 20% of my fabrics (and that's A LOT) and found an additional way to organize them, my left brain being in the ascendant last week! Now I have to deal with all those discarded fabrics...

This week, I am visiting BOTH Visible Monday AND Hat Attack...thanks to Patti and Judith for being such wonderful hostesses!



  1. I love how you've used the fabric in your new top especially the stripes for the pockets!

  2. I love this new vest! It looks like you left the elastic out of the collar? Those porthole pockets are brilliant! Many congrats on being a great grandma!

  3. Another great garment! You did well with the fabric placement, looks awesome, especially the pockets. Nice idea

  4. Love love love that fabric! I remember drooling over it when it was on Marcy's site. Big congrats on the new baby in the family! You look fabulous!

  5. Love the whole look-I have admired Marcy Tilton fabric forever but never have added any to my stash. The white hat Judy tops it off.....

  6. My goodness! You cannot possibly be a great grandma. She is adorable, as you are in that cool outfit.

  7. Congratulations on your first great grandchild! And what a great vest. Fabulous fabric.

  8. Congratulations on that beautiful new baby in your family! And your vest is so fabulous, love those cheeky pockets. Thanks for linking, xo


  9. Oh clever, clever, clever! I LOVE those pockets Margy! The entire dress has a delightful energy...that beautiful fabric, the buttons, the silhouette...all GOOD!

    Congrats on great grandbaby number one! She's a very pretty baby.

    Tears in my eyes after seeing Paddy's spot...I still see his soulful eyes.

  10. Yep, this is killer! The whole look! I need to try that vest, you've convinced me!

  11. You did a great job with the layout of this print for your vest. Your styling is spot on!

  12. Where do I begin?! Congratulations on becoming a GREAT Grandmother. Amethyst is a beautiful name for this pretty little girl. Sorry for the loss of Paddy and he was so lucky to have spent his time with you and Dave. He found a very special place when he found you two. Margy, I've started reading your blog from the beginning since discovering you through Shams blog. I can see what kindred spirits you two are and I love the designing you both do. What a relief to get today's post, I was missing seeing something new from you. This is another showcase of your talent and I love it. Thank you for your inspiration. Now I need to get back to 2014 June and finish reading your blogs so I can stay current. I even want to buy some shoes like you gals wear! :)

  13. Congratulations Great Grandmother! What a lovely name, Amethyst.
    Your new vest is killer. Very sad seeing Paddy's resting place, he was so young.
    Coincidentally I am reading The Sympathizer and enjoying it although there are a few rough spots. I can imagine the connection from your time in Siagon. Love seeing your posts, a sewer and a cook too!

  14. Fabulous fabric - each time you make this vest it looks unique and different. Congratulations Great-granny

  15. Another gorgeous garment, and fantastic details. You always look fabulous.
    Congratulations on the new baby. She has a beautiful name, and a wonderful great grandmother.

  16. Congratulations Margy on the birth of a great grandchild, the Sandra Betzina outfit is gorgeous,looking great Margy.

  17. So much inspiration in one outfit...the bangles, the shoes. Lovely news on the birth of your first great grandchild. The cycle of loss and new life within one post. I'm curious as to how and why you were in Saigon during the war.

  18. Amethyst - what a beautiful name. Congratulations!

    And if I can help get that fabric off your hands, my address is... LOL I should just have you shop for me. We are quite similar in taste. I love your vest.

  19. Gorgeous dress. I will be adding this to my wish list.clothing patterns

  20. I'm very interested in buying your discards. I love your taste. Very similar to mine. if possible, please LMK. Thank u

  21. A gorgeous dress and your hat is the perfect topper to your ensemble. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack.

    Congratulations on becoming a great-grandmother. Beautiful baby with a lovely name.

  22. Lovely dress/topper! I recently thinned my yarn stash considerably by donating the items to a Red Cross group who is working with Syrian refugees. These families have come here with nearly nothing and while their immediate needs are met, there is a big gap where creativity and personal accomplishment are concerned. The yarn was the source of great joy when it was distributed ..... perhaps your area has a refugee assistance program. Peace and be well, Kris

  23. You did well with the fabrics ,you can also search and get much more fabrics on fabriclore.com and Congratulations on that beautiful new baby in your family!

  24. Well, you are certainly the right woman for the job when it comes to being extra creative with limited fabric. Your results are gorgeous - especially the pockets. I haven't seen pockets like that before!

    Congratulations on the birth of your great grandchild. Amethyst Elizabeth is a beautiful name.

    It's very interesting how a well-written book can make memories come rushing back. I had the experience when I recently reread a novel about China. Whoosh. Not quite like Saigon during the war I dare say.

    And of course Paddywack's resting place is beautiful.

  25. Another great vest....I did find your pocket tutorial, thanks. Like the idea of doing the lining before the body!

    Congratulation on being a Great Grandma!!!!

  26. Congrats on becoming a Great Grandmother!

  27. Love this vest so just ordered pattern. Where is the pocket tutorial?
    Thanks, barbara