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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Style Arc Kerry Cargo Pants

In my continuing search for Travel Pants, I have been sewing the Style Arc Kerry Cargo Pants.
This is my first try at Style Arc, so with a few exceptions, I made the pants as directed. The fit was great; I used a black Supplex Cirrus from Sell Fabric which I love. The rise wasn't long enough for me, so I added a waistband from Cutting
Line Designs, which I add to almost all my elastic waist pants:
This almost solved the rise problem except for a little pull in the back. Next time I will lengthen the crotch on the pattern.
I quite like the style of these...they are not so utilitarian-looking that I couldn't conceivably wear them to dinner.
The biggest problem is with the side-seam pockets; they slip and slide all over and often balloon up, giving me "extra" where I don't need it.
I will have to figure out how to solve this problem; maybe snap tape or velcro fasteners. I love the 4 flap pockets, and also the tab and button to make them into 3/4 pants. If I can solve the pocket problem, this will be my first choice!


  1. These look fabulous, Margy. Your solution to create a higher rise also looks very good. These have been on my todo list since my first order months ago. I'm still waiting for the right fabric!

  2. These look SO good on you! The fact that most pants have a rise that's too high for me makes me think I need this pattern....

    I need to define "need" when it comes to more patterns.

    And fabric......


  3. Trying again -- I admire your persistence to details on all those pockets. I agree with your solutions but the pants look pretty darn good as is.

    Margy I think there was a blip as I wasn't logged into Google and lost the previous comment. Operator error

  4. I love cargo pants. They look terrific. I wonder if the length of the side pocket is too long, causing it to gap?

  5. Looking good.

    It might be that you don't need to add to the back rise. Scooping the back crotch more could do the trick. Just a thought in case it works.

  6. I love these cargo pants. I bought a pair of Lucy cargos on a whim this fall, and didn't realize how much I would enjoy them. You'll wear these everywhere! Must get this pattern!