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Friday, October 14, 2011

Travel Pants, Revisited

After putting snap tape on the pockets of my Kerry Cargo Pants, I wore them for a few days, putting stuff in the pockets this morning when I went on my daily walk. NEWS BULLETIN!  I don't like walking in cargo pants when they have things in the pockets! I am a vest person, wearing this in warm weather, this in fall and spring, and this under a jacket in winter. I like vests because I can often go without a purse, putting Kleenex, lipstick, glasses and car keys in the pockets. SO...I think I'll make my TNT pants in the Supplex and use the vests I have for carrying things. If only all my problems were so easy to solve...

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  1. Too bad about the cargo pants! I still want to make those, but I may not actually use the pockets. :D