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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cape Redo

No good deed goes unpunished...Maggie brought the cape up for "adjusting" after it's debut in the desert. Too long, interior pockets too slippery, hood doesn't stay on head. 'Kay. Took some pix while she was here for Christmas:

Today, I cut off 3 inches, re-attached trim on bottom, added patch pockets on the front, re-hemmed (grrr). I couldn't figure out what to do about hood without ruining "the look". Called on Shams, my go-to-guru, and with her suggestions, came up with a "skunk stripe"; a 4" wide strip of the wool fabric, on the inside of the hood.
It looks ok, and, most importantly, it WORKS! It's off to the Post Office in the morning, and I can start on my wardrobe for Ethiopia; we leave on January 14th!


  1. It looks better than OK, it looks great! You have really earned points with this one!!! :D

  2. Nothing worse than having to redo anything. You did an incredible job. Lucky, lucky daughter you have!! Can't wait to see what you make for your upcoming trip. Sounds so exciting!

  3. Loved the cape you made for Maggie...I did buy the Pattern for some future time. After a lot of thinking...you sew perfectly...me not so much...I decided to go for it. Today I ordered melton wool in caffe latte and ivory charmeuse for the lining. :)
    Thank you for all your posts! Happy New Year and have a wonderful trip to Ethiopia!!!

  4. Judi, be sure to let me see the results! Good Luck!

  5. A "skunk" stripe, hehe. It loks amazing, and I'll bet it is super warm!

    Wishing you a wonderful trip to Ethiopia! (and thank you for your nice comment too)